More On Samsung’s New XR Headset

Samsung’s XR project will also involve service collaborations with Meta and Microsoft.

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If you were able to watch the Samsung Unpacked 2023 event earlier, you are likely aware that the firm recently unveiled a new effort in the area of Extended Reality, or X as it is more commonly called. The specifics of any tangible product were not revealed at the announcement, and this is where a new leak is now appearing.

A battery that just gained regulatory certification in South Korea fits up with a specific model number that the rumor mill previously connected to an impending Samsung handset, as noticed by GalaxyClub. It was assumed that the SM-I120 model of the object was an AR/VR wearable. It appears plausible that this hardware product will be released in the near future when considering the announcement made at Samsung Unpacked and the appearance of this battery module.

Intriguingly, according to a report by The Washington Post, the South Korean conglomerate's extended reality project will also involve service collaborations with Meta and Microsoft. This effectively unites large tech for the same goal. According to the article, Google and Qualcomm have acknowledged their collaboration with Samsung on the XR headgear.

According to the newspaper, TM Roh, president and head of Samsung's mobile experience division, says the company will join the mixed reality market cautiously because it doesn't want to make the same mistakes as other competitors that appear to have jumped on the bus too quickly. "There have been many attempts by other companies so far, but not as successful as had been hoped because perhaps the ecosystem was not as ready as it should have been,” the report quotes Roh.

Since 2018, Samsung had stopped producing virtual reality headsets, with its updated 107 Odyssey headset designed for Windows PCs being the final one, reports Gadgets 360.

Apple is apparently getting ready to introduce the Reality Pro, its first XR headset, this year. Rich features including hand and eye movement tracking, immersive graphics, and sophisticated AR/VR videoconferencing capabilities are anticipated to be included with the Reality Pro.

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February 20, 2023

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