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We, the WT | Wearable Technologies AG, are the global business development and innovation platform in the wearables space. Since 2006 Wearable Technologies has established a network of over 30,000 companies consisting of technology leaders, highly innovative manufacturing companies, and Blue Chip corporations following the complete value chain. This allows us to connect leading international experts and companies of all sizes to create a huge benefit for our clients and network. Furthermore, we create awareness for new technological solutions targeting the Wearable and IoT market and give voice to customers' needs. Additionally, Wearable Technologies is actively engaged in national and international research projects, to stay at the forefront of the developments in the industry.
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We are the heart of an entire industry

At Wearable Technologies, we connect you with the most relevant players along the entire value chain. For this purpose, we established thought-leading Conferences and Trade Shows around the globe, where our clients and our network can experience the latest gadgets firsthand. Furthermore, being at the heart of the industry and working with our partners from diverse sectors enables us to know the status quo of the wearable industry and where the market is heading. This is key to accelerating our client's business and sharing that knowledge with them. Therefore, WT | Consulting as an additional business unit has been established.
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Our vision is to proactively create an intelligent Wearable and IoT landscape for the future. To do so, we support our network with consulting services in the most critical areas and we organise international conferences and trade shows in partnership with leading trade organisations, associations, and other high-ranking partners.

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