The World’s Smallest Action Camera

Insta360 unveiled Insta360 GO 3, a new compact action camera that is both portable and powerful.

Image credit: Insta360

A new, compact action camera from Insta360 has been unveiled. It is both portable and powerful. The camera module and a sort of magnetic docking pod are both separate components of the two-part Insta360 GO 3 system. The camera part is no larger than a person's thumb on average and weighs only 35 grams, or 1.2 ounces.

The Action Pod, on the other hand, has a flipp able 2.2-inch touchscreen for Bluetooth remote control of the camera and doubles as a powerpack to increase shooting duration.

The company’s Go line of action cameras are some of the smallest on the market, and that doesn’t change with the Go 3. The camera unit maintains its tiny literal thumb-sized, 1.2-ounce (35-gram) form factor with a magnetic back that allows it to stick to a variety of surfaces.

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While the Pod is water resistant to IPX4 standards, the camera module has an IPX8 rating. A removable lens protector and software capabilities like 360 Horizon Lock and Flow State Stabilization to enhance recorded footage are additional features. You can plan recordings in advance using a useful tool called Timed Capture. In order to take a timelapse of a sunrise, for instance, you could set up the device without having to get out of bed.

For greater adaptability, users can change the aspect ratio of their footage after capturing it in Free Frame mode. Without having to manually go through all of your recorded videos, AI-powered editing can help you choose your greatest clips.

The package also includes a selection of magnetic attachments, such as a necklace that can be worn around the neck, a hat clip, and a pivot stand with a removable adhesive mount and a 1/4-inch tripod mounting point.

Performance-wise, the new Insta360 GO 3 can record up to 2.7K video for up to 45 minutes using its built-in 310 mAh battery (when the charging pod is used, the total recording time increases to 170 minutes). Dual microphones are also included in the camera, and voice-activated, hands-free control is an option.

The 32 GB, 64 GB, and 128 GB versions of the Insta360 GO 3 are currently on sale for $379.99, $399.99, and $429.99, respectively. Pricing is fairly comparable to those of other significant action camera vendors like GoPro and DJI. You can purchase one directly from Insta360 or from one of many retailers, such as Amazon.

Sam Draper
July 6, 2023

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