Hyprshell Combines Robotics and Ergonomics with AI

The Hypershell Omega aims to decrease backpack weight, enhance natural range.

Image credits: Hpershell

A product line aimed at producing a new breed of superhuman outdoor adventurer is set to emerge from one of the most bizarre Kickstarter ideas of 2023. In order to reduce backpack weight, increase natural range, and facilitate travel, the Hypershell Omega burst onto the Kickstarter scene in March of last year. It is a wearable set of artificial intelligence (AI)-driven robotic legs that promises to offer man the strength of a horse in high-alpine situations. After a $1 million US success story with the campaign, the Chinese business is getting ready to present its two most recent improvements at CES 2024.

Because Hypershell is an anomaly in the exoskeleton space, it jumps out of the page right away. Hypershell is essentially trying to cut the cord on exoskeleton technology and release its robo legs into a highly variable and unpredictable wilderness environment. Most exoskeletons that we've seen over the years are designed to perform basic, repetitive activities in a business or everyday context. Hypershell also aims to assist mountaineers in reaching summits, trekkers in extending their hikes, and trail runners in enjoying quicker, smoother runs across challenging terrain, instead of restricting itself to basic, one-time activities like short, level walks, reports New Atlas.

When the Hypershell Omega originally surfaced on Kickstarter, it seemed a bit unrealistic, so we were a little taken aback when it eventually drew over 2,000 backers who pledged over $HK9 million (about $1.2 million). Although Hypershell hasn't quite left the vaporware stage yet, based on the campaign's comments section, those backers are still waiting for their genuine exoskeletons. Nevertheless, Hypershell has been making adjustments, delivering its exoskeleton, and giving updates on its development.

At the official opening of CES on Tuesday, January 9, Hypershell will showcase its most recent improvements, regardless of when the first adventure exos become available to backers. The ProX and the GoX, two distinct Mountain Exoskeleton versions, will be displayed by Hypershell.

Hypershell has not yet released the GoX's specifications, but it has stated that the ProX would resemble the Omega prototype it unveiled during its Kickstarter campaign in terms of specs. With one powered and eight passive joints, the all-terrain ProX wearable—designed for runners, long-distance hikers, and other outdoor enthusiasts—can channel up to 800 watts (1 hp) of motor power into the adventurer's legs. It will counterbalance up to 66 lb (30 kg) of weight, such as that carried in a backpack, and lessen the physical strain of hiking and climbing in mountainous terrain.

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The ProX will be able to more accurately anticipate and adjust to each user's unique movements thanks to Hypershell's AI engine. When not in use, the 4.4-lb (2-kg) waist-mounted gadget may be easily carried by folding down and attaching to a backpack. It has IP54 weatherproofing and can operate in as low as -20 ° (-4 °F).

With the addition of a larger battery, Hypershell has increased the range of its exoskeleton to up to 22 miles (35 km) since its original Kickstarter launch last year. The most recent Hypershell photos reveal the inclusion of discs on the upper legs and a larger hardware box on the back of the device.

The Mountain Exoskeletons are currently advertised at $599 to $1,299 preorder pricing on Hypershell's website.

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February 6, 2024

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