Using Wearables to Help People Affected by Substance Use

Pretaa partnered with Fitbit to combine services to improve the substance abuse recovery offering.

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Pretaa, a US-based behavioral analytics company, that seeks to improve outcomes for the millions of Americans and their families affected by substance abuse, announced a Strategic Partnership with Fitbit Health Solutions, to incorporate Fitbit’s devices and services into their substance abuse recovery offering.

Pretaa analyzes information from wearable devices worn by those recovering from substance abuse disorder and notifies their care providers, friends, and family members when they might need additional support. Fitbit Health Solutions helps partners use Fitbit’s advanced health and wellness platform to drive behavior change and improve outcomes within their populations. The two organizations recognized that together they could use more effectively the technology to help support people recovering from addiction and substance abuse. Pretaa will incorporate Fitbit data into their analytics platform to help providers have a more holistic view of their patients, and members will have access to Fitbit Premium, which provides more personalized and actionable health guidance, according to a press release.

“With this partnership, we’re extending our mission to empower people to live healthier lives,” said Karen Romans, Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Strategic Partner Clinical Lead for Fitbit Health Solutions. “Working with Pretaa, we aim to help providers and caregivers in substance abuse treatment facilities deliver better, more personalized care, armed with actionable information about the health and well-being of their patients.”

“Pretaa’s analytics platform pairs actionable guidance with positive reinforcement to improve treatment outcomes, build resiliency, and reconnect friends and family with their loved ones in recovery,” Michael Madon, the CEO of Pretaa said. “And we are excited to have Fitbit Health Solutions as a technology partner because of their focus on driving behavior change to improve lives, and their ability to deliver a differentiated, personalized, experience focused on health and wellness.”

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“Fitbit’s platform, developer support, and sensor suite will allow Pretaa to leverage traditional biometric data (heart rate, SPO2, body temperature) in tandem with robust activity and wellness data (steps and sleep) to provide unique insights derived from our multivariate analyses,” said Dr. John Duselis, Pretaa’s CTO. “This directly supports Pretaa’s hybrid approach, which combines medical domain knowledge and machine learning techniques offering tailored solutions to inform interventions."

About Pretaa

Pretaa is a behavioral analytics company that seeks to improve outcomes for millions of Americans and their families affected by substance abuse. Pretaa does this by analyzing data from wearable devices worn by those recovering from substance abuse disorder and notifying their care providers, friends, and family members when something may have gone wrong so they can get help. And by pairing actionable data and check-ins with positive reinforcement, the platform also fosters trust, communication, and continuity of care with people invested in helping their loved ones and patients throughout the recovery process.

About FHS

Fitbit Health Solutions, now part of Google, works with payers, partners, and employers to empower people to live healthier lives. Fitbit’s personalized health and well-being experience easily integrates into a wide variety of health interventions and well-being programs - including embedded health plan benefits, condition management point solutions, research studies, and corporate wellness programs - and helps to extend and enhance their impact by driving higher participation levels, increasing physical activity, and helping to improve weight loss and diabetes outcomes.

Jürgen Thalmayer
October 21, 2022

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