Exoskeleton Product Finder Launch in Beta Version

Orthexo presents the world's first exoskeleton configurator - Beta version is now available!

Man wearing an exoskeleton

Orthexo is the comparison and mediation platform for industrial and medical exoskeletons which allows people with impairments to find medical exoskeletons that enable them to walk independently again despite diagnoses such as MS, stroke, paraplegia, or Parkinson's disease. At the same time, the platform offers employers the opportunity to learn about industrial exoskeletons to protect the long-term health of their employees from musculoskeletal complaints. The underlying motto is: "Because everyone has the right to walk and work without pain".

Find the right exoskeleton for your need and industry (image credit: Orthexo)

The platform proudly presents its first product finder worldwide. Over the past months, meticulous work has been done on a comprehensive database containing more than 160 exoskeletons. This database contains technical details such as weight, CE number, material, drive, etc., as well as prices and practical attributes such as seating capability, forklift use, waterproofing, indoor or outdoor use, stair climbing, FDA approval, country of manufacture, etc. This exclusive information was integrated into an algorithm that resulted in an exoskeleton configurator. This configurator uses AI to ask targeted questions. This enables patients, clinics, therapists, employers, and private users to select suitable exoskeletons with just a few clicks. Once selected, it is possible to contact potential partners directly or book tests and training days via Orthexo.

Since its inception in February 2023, Orthexo has garnered substantial attention, with over 60 patient requests and hundreds of inquiries from companies - all achieved organically without any preceding marketing initiatives. Inquiries have poured in from diverse corners of the globe, spanning locations like Dubai, Iraq, and Korea. Notably, renowned entities including Otto, Zalando, VW, Porsche, Harvard University, Fendt, and prominent insurance companies have also expressed interest in Orthexo's offerings.

The beta version is now available on Orthexo.de in German and English. Since the AI learns with every interaction, Orthexo welcomes your feedback as well as tips on possible technical problems - just give it a try!

About the founder:

Tom Illauer (33 years old), the initiator of this platform, has extensive experience as a studied marketer, investment banker, and SEO appraiser. With two diplomas as well as the Bafin license to manage a credit institution in Germany, he brings a wide range of skills with him. In the past 14 years, he has held leading positions in marketing, including at Germany's largest retirement home group (70 locations) as well as at the Auxilium Group (110 locations). Alongside this, he advises three start-ups in the field of aids as well as a listed eCommerce company.

Tom Illauer, founder of Orthexo
Sam Draper
August 18, 2023

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