BetterGuards Ankle Brace Now Available in The U.S.

Award-winning smart ankle brace BetterGuards is now available in the US.

Image credit: BetterGuards

The NBA-recognized ankle brace from Betterguards is now offered for sale in the US. The ankle brace recently won the Sports Technology Awards' Best Technology for Injury Prevention and Recovery category.

BetterGuard offers full protection and a full range of motion, in contrast to traditional ankle braces. A mini-piston in the ankle brace stabilizes players' ankles during crucial movements. The mini-piston, known as the BG Power and patented, is attached to braces or shoes and put on the outside of the ankle. Because it is velocity-dependent, it functions similarly to a seatbelt in a car.

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The sophisticated fluid system stabilizes the ankle when it is twisted or rolled and is only triggered in urgent situations. The BGProtection System is automatically turned off after the threat has passed, allowing the wearer's foot to resume normal movement. This helps to avoid and lessen the severity of common ankle injuries like sprains and torn ligaments.

Prior to the introduction, Betterguard underwent extensive internal testing, including the creation of numerous test benches to confirm the development processes. For instance, the gait simulation test bench used artificial ankle joints to assess the system's durability at various running speeds and shoe designs. Similar to this, a tilting platform assessed both with and without the ankle protection the protective effect of simulated twisting on mechanical ankles, reports Tomorrow’s World Today.

Furthermore, research from other sources was carried out to guarantee damage prevention. According to the tests, the BetterGuard has a similar preventive effect to stiff traditional braces and has a higher inversion reduction and subjective comfort compared to placebo and unbraced situations. Additionally, a research on the prevalence of ankle injuries with BetterGuards is being conducted on professional German handball, basketball, and volleyball teams.

NBA’s Launchpad program and BetterGuards

BetterGuards is presently being tested in the league as one of the five firms selected to take part in the NBA Launchpad in 2022 to evaluate the possible benefits in terms of injury prevention. The NBA Launchpad program seeks to identify, assess, and test out cutting-edge technology in order to innovate the NBA.

Among those already using the BetterGuard in the US are NBAstars Franz and Moe Wagner of the Orlando Magic. "As professional athletes, we take special care of our bodies, and we need a brace that not only offers protection but also permits freedom of movement," claims Franz. Over the years, we've tried a lot of ankle braces, but none have come close to providing The BetterGuard's full range of motion and intelligent protection.

In the NBA, where nearly every player has missed time due to ankle ailments, The BetterGuard is a crucial component in maintaining health and performance. The BetterGuard delivers unmatched 360-degree freedom of movement and protection just when I need it, in contrast to conventional braces.

Sam Draper
July 11, 2023

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