In-Shoe Foot Function and Gait Analysis System

Tekscan introduced F-Scan GO, a compact, new generation technology for clinicians and researchers...

Image credit: Tekscan

The award-winning series of gait analysis devices for the biomechanics community now includes F-Scan GO from Tekscan. The F-Scan GO gives the wearer complete freedom of movement while recording the highest resolution data available for the in-shoe gait. Real-world applications for information from the F-Scan include designing and testing orthotics, unloading diabetic feet, and assessing footwear and technique in professional athletes.

F-Scan GO is a portable, cutting-edge tool that enables researchers and clinicians to analyze gait quickly and naturally while maintaining complete flexibility of movement. The wearable electronics are small, cordless, and have onboard storage that retains and promotes natural movement for the highest level of data collecting. The Wi-Fi enabled system utilizes cordless ankle units and combines the present F-Scan system's excellent scanning speed and spatial resolution with entirely wireless electronics and data logging. It offers crucial gait analysis metrics like time parameters, Center of Force (CoF), and pressure and force data.

Foot VIEW, the most recent software from Tekscan, powers F-Scan GO. The updated Tekscan software bundle includes FootVIEW, a program with a contemporary interface that makes gathering and analyzing data easier. FootVIEW isolates the heel, metatarsal, and entire foot for study, finds and measures the peak pressure locations, and creates a report for before-and-after comparison. Key variables are automatically calculated to evaluate gait and foot function. Direct access to recorded data is made possible by the Data Reader Toolkit (DRT), an API that simplifies batch processing using third-party software. Users can also sync data collecting with additional gadgets like EMG and Motion Capture.

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According to Tekscan Product Manager, Mike Harty, "The F-Scan GO system gives biomechanics researchers a no-compromise in-shoe gait analysis solution. It enables completely natural gait motion while collecting the most sensor data at the highest sampling speed that no other product can match".

In-shoe force and pressure monitoring systems and data from Tekscan are trusted by biomechanics researchers to meet a virtually endless variety of dynamic applications. This is supported by a large number of scientifically sound investigations, and the creation of F-Scan GO solidifies Tekscan's position as the industry pioneer in in-shoe gait analysis.

Sam Draper
July 4, 2023

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