AR Technology: Transforming Culinary Experiences in Kitchen

Kittch has partnered with Qualcomm to introduce cooking experiences using augmented reality glasses.

Image credit: Kittch

The culinary livestreaming network Kittch recently announced a partnership with American technology company Qualcomm to introduce hands-free cooking experiences using augmented reality (AR) glasses. Working in conjunction with technical design company Trigger, this platform will offer various helpful features for users in the kitchen. These features include setting timers, ordering specific ingredients, and following interactive videos and recipes without the need to touch a phone. This seamless experience is made possible through the utilization of gesture and eye-tracking technology.

Brian Bedol, CEO and co-founder of Kittch, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating that it aligns with Kittch's mission to help consumers rediscover joy and creativity in the kitchen. The collaboration with Qualcomm enables Kittch to provide a seamless and immersive environment for home cooks, transforming cooking from a tedious task into an enjoyable experience.

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Kittch's chief product officer, Kalpana Berman, also highlighted the significance of the partnership in their mission to redefine cooking experiences, emphasizing how the use of Qualcomm's Snapdragon Spaces allows the integration of AR experiences, empowering home cooks with an innovative culinary toolset.

Kittch explains that accessing educational content through AR is simple, requiring users to select the AR Mode and follow the instructions provided by American restauranteur Ming Tsai. This collaboration between Kittch and Qualcomm presents the potential to revolutionize the culinary arts by offering an unprecedented level of interactivity and convenience throughout the cooking journey, from planning recipes to executing them in the kitchen.

Sam Draper
June 18, 2023

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