VR Surgical Training App for Apple Vision Pro

Osso Health - a surgical training app for the Apple Vision Pro.

Image credits: Osso VR

VR training firm Osso VR announced the launch of Osso Health, a medical training app on Apple Vision Pro. Leveraging the power of Apple Vision Pro to seamlessly blend digital content with the physical world Osso Health brings the operating experience to life via detailed, clinically accurate workflows of common procedures.

Osso Health's simulated surgical environment for Apple Vision Pro represents a major milestone in democratizing access to procedural education. With this launch, Osso VR is extending its technology to a broader audience, making procedural education accessible to healthcare professionals, patients preparing for surgery, and individuals interested in medical innovation. The Osso Health app is designed to simulate medical procedures at the highest fidelity, seamlessly integrating the operating room into physical spaces and providing on-demand access to hands-on learning from anywhere. visionOS features a brand-new three-dimensional user interface and input system controlled entirely by a user's eyes, hands, and voice, so Osso Health users can seamlessly and intuitively explore procedures, according to a press release.

The Osso Health app currently lets users engage with surgical workflows for two common orthopedic procedures: Carpal Tunnel Release and Total Knee Replacement. The user can walk through the key steps of each procedure using Apple Vision Pro's novel approach to spatial computing. Spatial computing has opened up new possibilities for medical professionals to explore complicated medical procedures in a secure, controlled, and real-world setting. Osso VR's proficiency in medical artistry overlayed onto the real world enhances the authenticity of the training, making it an indispensable tool for medical students, residents, and practicing physicians alike.

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"Osso Health for Apple Vision Pro opens up exciting possibilities for the future of immersive procedural education," said Justin Barad, MD, Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Osso VR. "Apple Vision Pro unlocks new opportunities to scale spatial computing in healthcare with groundbreaking display quality and virtually lag-free learning experience, helping solve important challenges to education in healthcare."

To experience the next generation of medical training on Apple Vision Pro, visit Osso Health on the App Store.

About Osso VR

Used by the world's leading healthcare institutions and medical device companies, Osso VR is a clinically validated medical training and assessment platform. Using award-winning VR content, Osso's scalable platform provides a collaborative, risk-free, hands-on training environment that drives performance and outcome improvements.

Co-founded in 2016 by UCLA and Harvard-trained pediatric orthopedic surgeon Justin Barad, MD, Osso VR has been the most celebrated virtual reality company in healthcare, earning multiple industry awards, including TIME Magazine's Best Inventions, Fast Company's Most Innovative Healthcare Company, and the SXSW Innovation Award for VR. Osso VR covers multiple medical specialties and is available in several languages in over 40 countries.

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April 17, 2024

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