Apple Vision Pro Used in Spinal Surgery

Apple's Vision Pro assisted a surgical team at a UK hospital in performing a medical procedure.

Image credits: Apple

Apple's Vision Pro headset assisted a surgical team at a UK hospital in performing a medical procedure. A team at Cromwell Hospital in London utilized the mixed-reality headgear to help with two microsurgical spine procedures.

The Daily Mail stated that while surgeons Fady Sedra and Syed Aftab were on the team, a scrub nurse was the one wearing the headset to support them.

The hospital was introduced to the device by eXeX, which provides tech platforms to hospitals, reports Business Insider.

Consultant orthopedic spinal surgeon Aftab stated, "Using the Apple Vision Pro with eXeX has greatly improved the way we treat our patients." The Complex Spine team is now more productive because to the software, which runs smoothly."

According to an Apple press release, a number of healthcare applications that are compatible with the headset have been available since the US launch of Apple's Vision Pro device last month.

Among these, Mako SmartRobotics from Stryker created an app specifically for doctors performing knee and hip surgeries.

In the meanwhile, Cedars-Sinai offers patients an app that offers mental health support through deep breathing exercises and meditation, while Fundamental Surgery delivers surgical training via virtual reality.

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In the news release, Susan Prescott, Apple's vice president of worldwide developer relations, stated: "We're thrilled to see the incredible apps that developers across the healthcare community are bringing to Apple Vision Pro."

According to CNBC, surgery preparation has also been done using Meta's virtual reality gear. In a simulated treatment in 2022, physicians at Kettering Health Dayton in Ohio utilized the Quest 2 headgear to simulate a shoulder replacement in three dimensions, according to CNBC.

Hospital operator Universal Health Services claims that virtual reality (VR) tools can assist surgeons in examining a patient's anatomy before to an operation, "much like a pilot uses a flight simulator."

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March 25, 2024

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