Virtuix Announces ‘Omni One’ VR Treadmill Release Date

Austin-based VR firm Virtuix announced the release date of the 'Omni One'.

Image credits: Virtuix

The 'Omni' omni-directional treadmill for virtual reality(VR) was created by Virtuix, a provider of gaming technology solutions, and the business have announced the release date of the 'Omni One,' the first consumer version of the Omni.

Omni One is modeled after the Omni Pro, a commercial version of the Omni that is offered at more than 500 entertainment venues in 45 countries, and is made to blend in elegantly with a user's living room or other interior space. In comparison to Omni Pro, Omni One, according to Virtuix, is lighter, more compact (4-foot circumference), simple to fold up or carry around, and offers players more flexibility of movement, including the ability to squat, kneel, and jump, reports Auganix.

Virtuix started an equity crowdsourcing campaign earlier this year to raise Omni One's profile among customers, gamers, and the investing community. The round's $5 million target has already been exceeded, according to the business, by more than $4.7 million USD. Virtuix said that it has decided to end the crowdfunding campaign early on August 10 as a result of this accomplishment.

A previous investor, JC Team Capital, is the round's lead investor, and Parth Jani, the founder and CEO of JC Team, will join Virtuix's Board of Directors. According to Virtuix, it plans to use the investment to increase Omni One production and achieve profitability in 2024.

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“We’re thrilled about the success of our investment campaign and our community’s excitement about Omni One,” said Jan Goetgeluk, Virtuix’s founder and CEO. “Omni One is a groundbreaking product that sets us up for rapid revenue growth. We already have a waitlist of 35,000 interested customers, and shipping just 3,000 units a month would bring in $100 million in annual revenues. We’re ready to scale.”

Omni One beta units have started to arrive in Virtuix's community of 8,000 equity investors, who were given the opportunity to order the product before the general public. The company stated that it planned to deliver all investor units by the end of the year and over 1,000 units by year's end. Preorders will be available to the general public in late 2023, and delivery will begin in Q2 2024.

The Omni One has an initial price of USD $2,595 including shipping, however, the manufacturer also has payment options with monthly payments starting at USD $65. The treadmill and a Pico VR headset (market value USD $699) are both included in the price of the Omni One. Investors in Virtuixare the first to order an Omni One system.

Sam Draper
August 31, 2023

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