This Wearable AI Necklace Is Your New Assistant

AI assistant that promises to completely transform the way we engage with our everyday lives.

Image credits: Avi Schiffmann, Twitter

Demand for intelligent AI helpers has recently surged in this era of rapid technological innovation and unwavering efficiency. AI-powered chatbots for customer support as well as voice-activated assistants like Siri and Alexa have become more common.

A wearable artificial intelligence assistant called Tab, however, is a new competitor that promises to completely transform the way we engage with our everyday lives.

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Avi Schiffmann is a young tech visionary who wants to upend the tech industry once more. He created the COVID dashboard, which made headlines, and a platform for Ukrainian migrants that is similar to Airbnb. This time, he's revealing the revolutionary smart wearable Tab AI, which is scheduled to launch in the winter or spring of 2024.

Tab is a wearable AI that promises to improve how humans interact with information. This invention, which was unveiled via a video posted on X, has already drawn interest from tech fans all around the world. Furthermore, within two hours of the pre-order, the first 50 Tab units were sold.

In an exclusive interview with Metaverse Post, Avi described his future intentions for the wearable and provided detailed information about his cutting-edge AI technology.

The goal of Tab is to function as a wearable, personal AI companion by incorporating daily life data. It does this by keeping an eye on user chats, giving users fast access to a wealth of knowledge, and tailoring concise, relevant summaries to user inquiries. With its ability to gather data from many sources, the AI assistant can guarantee a productive and customized user experience.

“The last era of wearables were all centered around health data, sleep scores, etc. Personally, especially as a young founder, I really don’t care too much about what my heart rate is throughout the day,” Avi told Metaverse Post. “Basic sensors like cameras and microphones can be extremely powerful when plugged into AI, and as a result wearables can take new forms and have utility that extends far beyond just your HRV score.”

According to Avi, years of research and development in the fields of artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and data aggregation have culminated in Tab's AI model. He claims that by providing users with an omniscient experience, Tab's AI goes above and beyond traditional language models (LLMs) systems in its capacity as an information assistant.

“Tab works by building a knowledge graph of key entities and their associated facts, removing unnecessary personal information,” said Avi.

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May 7, 2024

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