Blucap Unveils New Navigation Sunglasses

Blucap has launched a new pair of sunglasses especially designed for the motorcycle riders.

Image Credits: Blucap

Blucap, the pioneering smart eyewear brand, developed the Blucap Moto navigation sunglasses, creating a new way of navigation and riding experience for motorcycle enthusiasts.

A Revolutionary Motorcycle Navigation

Blucap Moto is a navigation device that displays information directly in front of the rider's line of sight. It offers a distraction-free experience, with turn arrows that only appear when needed. In the name of navigation glasses, Blucap Moto stands out for its map navigation, which can be controlled with a handlebar remote, meeting all your navigation needs in complex road conditions.

In addition, Blucap Moto connects to phones via Bluetooth, eliminating the need to keep the phone screen on when using its navigation features. Riders can choose to keep their phones in a bag or pocket, avoiding the inconvenience of mounting the phone on a holder and potential issues like camera lens vibration damage, rain damage, phone overheating, and battery consumption.

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With Blucap Moto, riders can ride safely and without distractions, enjoying an immersive riding experience without the need to look down at their phones.

A tiny MicroLED display then projects a directional arrow onto the inside of the right-hand lens whenever the user comes to an intersection where they must turn. Once the turn has been made, that arrow immediately vanishes.

Pushing a button on the remote temporarily displays a monochrome map segment with the user's position marked on it so they can see where they are on a street map. Incoming calls, text messages, and speed limit notifications can all be displayed on the app. A linked Bluetooth headset from a third party can be used to answer the calls, reports New Atlas.

Having said that, the Motos are made to be incredibly straightforward and uncluttered. They have no buttons or other physical controls, and when their arms are opened, they automatically turn on and link to the phone or remote. According to reports, its internal lithium battery can last for 10 hours of use on a single charge, while a pair of button cell batteries should power the remote for roughly six months.

A neutral pair of fixed inner lenses is included in the eyewear, which can be combined with a variety of adjustable outer lenses. They include a set of tinted, anti-fog, polarized, scratch-resistant outer lenses that completely block UVA and UVB rays. And certainly, prescription lenses may be obtained with them.

Price and Availability

A set of the Blucap Moto sunglasses may be yours for $299 on Kickstarter, provided that the project is successful in moving through with production. Their $399 suggested retail price has been set.

Sam Draper
October 17, 2023

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