Arvizio Announces New Features for Their AR Instructor

Arvizio announced a host of new advanced features for their no-code AR Instructor solution.

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Arvizio, a leader in Augmented and Mixed Reality for the enterprise, announced a new array of advanced features for their no-code AR Instructor Augmented Reality (AR) solution for assisted operation, maintenance, training, and field service, including computer vision alignment, 3D model animation, offline usage, and statistical tracking capabilities. With these enhancements, Arvizio is positioned to stay on the leading edge of AR technology, while significantly improving operational quality and efficiency.

Augmented and Mixed Reality are becoming an essential technology to streamline training and knowledge transfer and drive greater coordination and accuracy in the completion of critical operational tasks such as equipment repair and maintenance, reports Arvizio.

With many enterprises planning to accelerate the introduction of AR technologies, Arvizio focuses on delivering solutions that improve the customer experience and provide organizations with the optimized tools they need for successful adoption. Significant AR Instructor technology enhancements include:

  • Computer Vision-based Image Alignment: Advanced computer vision and image processing techniques are central to AR. With AR Instructor, a photo of an object is processed and used as a positional anchor to align AR content with real-world equipment. This approach removes the need to process 3D model geometry or use markers to align.
  • Enhanced Conditional Workflow Branching: Many workflows involve “if this, then that” conditional instructions. AR Instructor supports unlimited branching combinations – providing users with the appropriate procedure based on the selected response.
  • 3D Model Animation: Using AR Instructor, users can benefit from animated 3D models aligned with physical objects while conducting complex tasks. 3D models can be directionally moved, rotated, and used as part of multi-part instructions.
  • Offline Mode: AR Instructor allows users to pre-download instructional workflows for use in scenarios where cloud connectivity is limited.
  • Performance Statistics: Performance statistics are an important tool for tracking workflow efficiency. AR Instructor captures statistics to understand the time spent on each step in a process.
  • Mobile AR Annotations: Annotations made by the user on a mobile device and remote experts on a web browser are shared bi-directionally, in real-time, with AR Instructor.
  • Workflow Sharing: With AR Instructor, customers can import and export procedures allowing workflows to be copied across both users and organizations.

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“At Arvizio, we continuously strive to evolve our products and be among the first to launch innovative solutions that satisfy our customer’s needs,” said Alex Berlin, President and CEO at Arvizio. “AR Instructor’s enhanced features demonstrate that Augmented Reality is a key element for increasing efficiency and solving operational and time management challenges in many industries.”

AR Instructor provides the tools to train and guide field service and frontline technicians, and enhance the productivity of physical work. AR Instructor enables the creation of next-generation instructional content, such as training materials and step-by-step procedures, using no-code authoring and seamless integration of 3D models, video, images, and other assets for use by dispatched personnel. In addition, users can connect with remote experts to see the on-site worker’s physical world in real-time and collaborate via their web browser.

AR Instructor is a cross-platform solution, supporting a range of the industry’s leading AR headsets and devices, including Microsoft HoloLens 2 and Magic Leap 2, as well as iPads, iPhones, and Android mobile devices. Arvizio recently demonstrated AR Instructor with Lenovo ThinkReality A3 headsets utilizing Qualcomm Snapdragon Spaces.

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May 4, 2023

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