Shape-Shifting Dress Morphs with Wearer’s Style and Body

Scientists have created new clothing that adapts to changes with the aid of smart technology.

Image credits: MIT

The fashion business is continually changing in terms of trends and designs. Our bodies too undergo continuous modification. An innovative clothing created by MIT adapts to those changes with the aid of smart technology. The outfit changes to reflect your style, figure, and the ever-evolving fashion trends.

Fresh out of MIT’s Architecture Department, Sasha McKinlay sees it as a sustainable fashion revolution. “We’re trying to give people a way to express themselves through clothes that last,” she says, “Not just a season, but years.”

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“It’s a human need. But there’s also the human need to express oneself. I like the idea of customizing clothes in a sustainable way. This dress promises to be more sustainable than traditional fashion to both the consumer and the producer.”

For the creation of the dress, McKinlay collaborated with the Ministry of Supply, a high-tech fashion company. The dress incorporates a number of various technologies to ensure that it fits a person perfectly. Heat-activated yarn is used as the primary technology material. The garment can be worn in many ways thanks to the heat-activated yarn. It can go from pintucks to pleats or tightened waste, for instance. This allows the garment to be customized to fit an individual's style, reports TomorrowsWorldToday.

The founder of MIT's Self-Assembly Lab believes that the fashion business has a few issues. According to Skylar Tibbits, mass-produced clothing is not distinctive, but bodies are. Tibbits said, “Everyone’s body is different,” and “Even if you wear the same size as another person, you’re not the same.” “Fast fashion” is also a growing issue where clothes are made cheap, worn briefly, and then thrown out.

They discovered a way to use heat to make sure the dress fits people of different shapes and sizes with the assistance of robotics specialist Danny Griffin. The "smart" yarn in the dress is activated by heat, allowing it to change styles. To do this, they employ a robot-guided heat gun. “It’s like tailoring performed by a machine,” Griffin explained, “Except you can redo it whenever you want a fresh look.”

The dress may be made to change by applying heat. It's a creative, eco-friendly piece of apparel that maintains its "fashion" without sacrificing sustainability. Tibbits said, “Right now when people purchase a piece of clothing it has only one ‘look.’ But, how exciting would it be to purchase one garment and reinvent it to change and evolve as you change or as the seasons or styles change? I’m hoping that’s the takeaway that people will have.”

Sam Draper
March 26, 2024

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