Chronolife Receives Frost & Sullivan’s 2019 Global Visionary Innovation Leadership Award

Chronolife, a pioneer in the wearable biometrics space, received 2019 Global Visionary...

Chronilife’s CE-marked and FCC approved Nexkin is a smart comfortable & washable T-shirt with companion application that collects continuous data on six different physiological parameters (Image: Chronolife)

Chronolife, a pioneer in the wearable biometrics space, received 2019 Global Visionary Innovation Leadership Award from Frost & Sullivan. Chronolife's AI-powered T-shirt-based platform captures biometrics to track chronic conditions such as heart disease. With a state-of-the-art algorithm that captures multiple medical-grade parameters, it generates contextualized, accurate, and relevant biometrics critical to leveraging the cost-saving and transformative potential of wearable technologies. Chronolife’s cotton-and lycra-based vest, designed to prevent medical emergencies in patients with congestive heart failure (CHF), debuted at the CES 2019 in Las Vegas.

“Chronolife's end-to-end solution, a single T-shirt and smartphone application, allows end users to integrate diagnostic monitoring with the activities of daily living seamlessly. Specifically, the Chronolife T-shirt allows the company to weave multiple capabilities and electronic components into a single washable T-shirt,” said Sowmya Rajagopalan, Global Program Director at Frost & Sullivan. “The T-shirt leverages the company's biosensing platform to monitor physiological data in real time for cardiac disease patients, with settings ranging from acute to ambulatory care.”

Chronolife’s Smartwear Can Capture:

  • Electrocardiogram (ECG) – tracking heart rate, heart rate variability, and arrhythmia
  • Pulmonary impedance – to determine edema characterization
  • Thoracic respiration – tracking respiratory distress and respiratory rate
  • Abdominal respiration – tracking respiratory distress
  • Skin temperature – tracking temperature variation
  • Physical activity – offering fall detection, number of steps, posture indications, and intensity

Image: PRNewswire photo

hat sets Chronolife apart from others in this field is its patented neuromorphic Hierarchy Of event-based Time Surfaces (HOTS) algorithm. Being event-based instead of time-based, HOTS can efficiently parse biometric data while analyzing multiple data flows to characterize clinical events. Thus, the device does not require continuous data gathering or cloud-based large servers to conduct Big Data analytics. The captured data transmits through BlueTooth Low Energy to the user's smartphone application for continuous integration and analysis, says a press release.

The technology can store data locally for up to 20 hours, and uploads patient data to remote cloud-based servers whenever the smartphone is on and a WiFi connection is available. Data is then archived on accredited data hosting servers for easy access by patients or providers.

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“While Chronolife is currently pre-commercial, the company's adaptable platform has the potential to target a plethora of use cases and applications. The company is actively exploring other applications, including sudden infant death syndrome, epilepsy, and medical conditions related to sleep apnea," noted Rajagopalan.

Each year, Frost & Sullivan bestows its Global Visionary Innovation Leadership Award upon a company that demonstrates excellence in growth and customer value.

Sam Draper
December 9, 2019

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