New Survey Reveals Broader Need for Emergency Response Wearables Like MobileHelp

June is National Safety Month.

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June is National Safety Month. MobileHelp, a Florida-based leading provider of M-PERS (Mobile-Personal Emergency Response Systems) and personal health management technology, revealed the results of a new customer survey which focused on highly-athletic customers, representing a broader use case for its MobileHelp Smart, a wearable medical alert product. MobileHelp Smart is a smartwatch-like wearable.

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The survey responders identified MobileHelp Smart wearable as a necessary product to have, with 48 percent saying they “definitely need” it and another 32 percent saying they “probably need” it.

Although the majority of the customers of MobileHelp are older people, the company’s robust wearable MobileHelp Smart is geared towards extreme athletes, people who work in harsh or dangerous conditions, or patients managing chronic illnesses, the company said in a press release.

The new survey therefore profiled highly-athletic customers with chronic conditions, to gauge the product’s ability to handle strenuous conditions.

“Since introducing this new wearable solution in early 2018, we’ve found it represents an emergency response option for a much wider range of people,” said Rob Flippo, CEO of MobileHelp. “We will continue bringing products to market which allow people feel safer while out on the road – or wherever their lives take them.”

The company’s customized user interface makes it easy for anyone to use the MobileHelp Smart to get help in an emergency. It also allows the user to take advantage of fitness-monitoring features, such as heart rate tracker, sleep tracker and more.

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The combination of emergency response and health benefits fits into an all-embracing trend around the consumerization of health. MedPanel Research Manager Amy Zalatan says:

“[Wireless] health devices and apps are increasingly seen as an essential tool to empower patients to manage their health.”

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Sam Draper
June 21, 2019

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