XREAL Launches Air 2 Series AR Glasses

XREAL launched its latest innovative AR glasses – the XREAL Air 2 Pro.

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XREAL announced XREAL Air 2 and XREAL Air 2 Pro for the US, UK, and additional European markets. XREAL opened pre-orders today for the company's latest innovative consumer AR glasses, which will ship to customers in November. The eagerly anticipated XREAL Air 2 series builds on the momentum of its predecessor, XREAL Air, the first consumer AR glasses introduced to the world in 2022. The XREAL Air 2 series marks the third AR glasses product XREAL has brought onto the world stage.

"At XREAL, we believe augmented reality holds the promise of a paradigm shift for how people interact with technology," said Peng Jin, XREAL Co-Founder. "We believe the era of wearable displays is here. Over the past four decades, the methods in which people have interacted with technology have evolved to allow us to put stereos, record players, telephones, high-powered computers, and small-screen entertainment in our pockets. XREAL AR glasses first allowed the world to put big screen TVs, theater-quality projectors, and full HD monitors in their pockets, transforming what entertainment and productivity can look and feel like on the go and at home for extended sessions. We've found that 50-60% of our customers spend between one and three hours every time they use XREAL AR glasses. These longer engagements drove our decision to focus on comfort and wearability for XREAL Air 2, while maintaining superior display and fidelity."

Introducing XREAL Air 2

Designed to give any wearer the means to express their own style, XREAL Air 2 series glasses are available in two sleek colorways, Graphite Gray and the all-new Carmine Red. The XREAL Air 2 series also debuts the fun and fashion-forward XREAL Kaleido Kit. Other new features include an improved audio and microphone system, and one-touch immersion control usingXREAL Electromagnetic Dimming (Air 2 Pro only).

Next-Generation Display Technology

As the world's first AR glasses to feature the latest SonySemiconductor Solutions Corporation's 0.55-inch Micro-OLED displays, XREAL Air2 series AR glasses pack an incredible 4,032 pixels-per-inch, delivering a crisp and visually stunning virtual screen experience at 49 pixels-per-degree(PPD). A Full HD display resolution of 1920 x 1080 per eye, an ultra-high contrast ratio of 100,000:1, and 500 nits brightness ensure content is presented in incredibly sharp detail.

Thinner, Lighter, More Comfortable Design

Comfort is key and the integration of smaller Micro-OLED displays means that XREAL Air 2 series AR glasses are approximately 10% thinner and 10% lighter than previous models, improving overall comfortability. New and improved elastic temples meet the needs of all wearers, regardless of size, and feature softer materials that feel more natural to the touch. XREAL Air 2 series AR glasses are painstakingly designed for optimal balance that improves comfort and minimizes pressure from the glasses on the wearer's face.

Cinematic Audio and Improved Voice Calls

XREAL Air 2 series AR glasses feature an improved audio speaker system that makes wearers feel like they're in the front row at the cinema, without disrupting others around them. This upgraded audio system includes unique spatial wrap-around audio delivery using an open-ear design targeted only for the wearer to hear. This brings enhanced privacy and minimizes disruption to others when in public spaces.

Express Your Style with XREAL Air 2

Answering people's demand to express their own unique style when wearing AR glasses, XREAL Air 2 series AR glasses debut the XREAL Kaleido Kit, a collection of adhesive skins that can be added to the front frame of the glasses. Owners can select from six colors including Navy Blue, Verdigris, Royal Blue, Dale Dogwood, Jonquil, and Dartmouth Green.

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Along with a choice of Graphite Gray and Carmine Red colorways, XREAL Air 2 series AR glasses debut a new travel case, and a new lightshield, and include both USB-C and USB C-HDMI custom cables.

Industry-leading TÜV Rheinland Certificates

XREAL Air 2 and XREAL Air 2 Pro have been awarded four certificates from TÜV Rheinland Greater China, for the AR product's Color Accuracy, Eye Comfort, Low Blue Light, and Flicker Free, demonstrating the excellent performance of the devices in terms of eye health and user experience. According to TÜV Rheinland's color accuracy certification requirements, XREAL Air 2 and XREAL Air 2 Pro AR glasses have attained an industry-leading level by achieving an average color accuracy of ∆E2000<3 in the sRGB color gamut with 125 colors in a dark room. This indicates that this series of XREAL AR glasses can truly present colors and provide wearers with a more realistic, immersive experience. At the same time, TÜV Rheinland scrutinized the calibration procedures of the XREAL production line. Each pair of glasses undergoes uniform color calibration before leaving the factory to ensure mass production quality consistency.

Pricing and Availability

XREAL Air 2 and XREAL Air 2 Pro are available now for pre-orders at XREAL.com in the US, UK, Germany, France, and Italy for $399 USD, £399 GBP, and €459 for Air 2 and for $449 USD, £449 GBP and €515 for Air 2 Pro. XREAL Air 2 series AR glasses are expected to be available from Amazon beginning in November.

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October 27, 2023

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