Mobile Technology Helps Firms Overcome Uncertainty

Study proved that firms invest in mobile technology solutions to gain needed nimbleness & efficiency

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Stratix Corporation, a leading provider of Managed Mobility Services (MMS) in the U.S., has partnered with Hanover Research on a new survey of IT leaders that shows companies are investing in mobile technology solutions to get the nimbleness and efficiency they need to succeed as disruption continues and the economic outlook appears recessionary.

Stratix's 2023 Enterprise Mobility Outlook report found 86 percent of organizations are using more mobile now than in the last three years, and 97 percent say mobile is very, or extremely important to their business outcomes. It's a clear indication business leaders are rapidly turning to mobile technology use cases that enable agility and increase productivity, states a press release.

"What is different in this year's Enterprise Mobility Outlook report is that we are seeing IT leaders prioritizing mobile investment strategies to transform workflows, enhance employee enablement and collaboration, and improve supply chain efficiencies," explained Stratix Senior Vice President of Marketing Elizabeth Klingseisen. "Despite - or perhaps because of - economic conditions, businesses are doubling down on cost-effective mobile technology to be more competitive and effective."

The study also found the proliferation of mobile use cases is expanding to more than phones and tablets. They found:

  • 59% are leveraging more wearable devices in workflows now than in the past three years
  • 67% are using more IoT
  • 78% say emerging technology impacts overall IT strategy

The report also revealed the proliferation of mobile technology is putting pressure on those same organizations.  

"Most IT teams are overwhelmed by the number and diversity of technology solutions they're now expected to support," said Klingseisen. "It's leading to burnout, security concerns, and other problems, so they are increasingly turning to partner with MMS providers to get the expertise needed to be successful."

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The full survey results and findings can be found in the Stratix 2023 Enterprise Mobility Outlook research report. You can also listen to more analysis from Elizabeth Klingseisen in the Enterprise Mobility Insights podcast.

About Hanover Research

Founded in 2003, Hanover Research is a global research and analytics firm that delivers market intelligence through a unique, fixed-fee model to more than 1,000 clients. Headquartered in Arlington, Virginia, Hanover employs high-caliber market researchers, analysts, and account executives to provide a service that is revolutionary in its combination of flexibility and affordability. Hanover was named a Top 50 Market Research Firm by the American Marketing Association in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, and by the Insights Association in 2019.

About Stratix

As the most experienced pure-play enterprise mobility specialist in the U.S., Stratix is dedicated to guaranteeing nonstop mobility. The company leverages four decades of expertise to accelerate and inspire mobility transformation for some of the world's largest organizations. Stratix's SmartMobile programs ensure each client has the right technology, tools, and support programs in place to stay ahead.

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February 10, 2023

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