Queclink's Precision Tracking Device GL300

Leading IoT device and solution provider is celebrating the 10th anniversary of its asset tracker.

Image credits: Queclink Wireless Solutions

Leading IoT device and solution provider Queclink proudly celebrates the momentous milestone of their asset tracker, GL300, reaching its 10th anniversary. Since its launch a decade ago, GL300 has renewed the way of tracking with unrivaled precision and efficiency for various businesses and industries. Initially developed and launched in 2013, Queclink's GL300 series took shape from the previous GL100 and GL200 asset trackers and has garnered 2.5 million shipments globally up to this date.

The story of GL300 dates back to as early as 2009 when a group of visionary individuals came together with a shared belief that asset tracking could be simplified, streamlined, and taken to new heights. Under the name of Queclink, they brought their brainchild, the GL100, to life, marking the first step of the company's 15 years of expertise in the IoT industry.

The waterproof, compact tracker was a unique, trailblazing design that quickly garnered attention and demand. It became a sought-after solution used in various applications: the device had been integrated into pet necklaces, kids' backpacks, and the heels of shoes worn by the elderly to track their movements, keep tabs on their whereabouts, and send out timely emergency alerts.

Building on the success of the GL100, the team later introduced the improved GL200. This device became a remarkable success story and soared to the top of Amazon's bestseller list.

The GL300 is a versatile device that can be deployed alongside multiple accessories such as an external battery kit and magnetic waterproof case for expanded usability. Over the past 10 years, the device has become synonymous with reliability, accuracy, and innovation. It has empowered organizations across various industries to provide visibility into assets, people, and vehicles. From small businesses to multinational corporations, GL300 has provided the tools needed to efficiently track and locate, prevent loss or danger, optimize operations, and ensure safety.

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With more than 2.5 million devices shipped and deployed, the GL300 Series has seen a loyal user base and numerous application scenarios across the globe. The tracker played a crucial role in saving two Norwegian brothers stranded on a rock after a storm wrecked their boat. It was creatively hidden in sausages by a deli to track and recover stolen goods. In recent years, the device also has found applications in international sports events, including the Olympic Games, as it monitors athletes' well-being during hiking, biking, and sailing and ensures their safety.

"Over the past decade, the GL300 Series has established itself as one of the leading battery-powered asset trackers in the global market," said Manny Hernandez, Vice President of North America at Queclink Wireless Solutions. "We are thrilled to commemorate the 10-year milestone. It represents not only our innovative spirit and commitment to excellence but also the trust and support we have received from our valued customers."

About Queclink

Queclink is a pure-play IoT hardware designer and manufacturer working with many well-known industrial and consumer companies to bring innovative IoT solutions to the market. Its business units span transportation, asset and mobility, networks, and agriculture. With 52 million IoT products delivered to over 140 countries, Queclink inspires data-driven solutions for its worldwide customers.

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December 19, 2023

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