Mason Unveils The First Ever Customizable Smartwatch for Patient Monitoring, Hospitality, or Safety

Mason, a Seattle-based startup formed in 2015, takes its provides the entirety of the hardware ...

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Mason, a Seattle-based startup formed in 2015, takes its provides the entirety of the hardware – an operating system, and the route to the cloud. Last week, the company announced the market’s first smartwatch designed for the enterprise that can be customized for dedicated use cases including patient monitoring, hospitality, fitness or employee safety.

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Unlike traditional smart devices developed for consumers, the Mason A4100 smartwatch provides a blank slate for innovators to build enterprise-class smart device products for dedicated use cases, without limits to feature and software customizations. Entrepreneurs, startups, and large enterprises can leverage the Mason A4100 smartwatch form factor to quickly bring to market the industry’s first wrist-worn smart devices optimized for the enterprise and customized for a wide variety of use cases, without large upfront capital expenditures. Mason’s curated supply chain accelerates time-to-market and provides a high level of reliability and security, reports Mason.

“We designed the Mason A4100 smartwatch to be the first device to leverage hardware as building blocks—meaning customers have complete flexibility to build and customize the device to fit their exact specifications, regardless of their use case or industry-specific needs,” said Jim Xiao, founder and president of Mason. “By leveraging Mason’s hardware and infrastructure, innovators can go from idea to product launch in a few months—instead of years.”

Mason A4100 Smartwatch Unlocks Wide Range of New Smart Device Use Cases with Advanced Features and Built-in Sensors

The A4100 smartwatch is the newest form factor that builds on the Mason Smart Device Platform. Entrepreneurs, startups and large enterprises can use the Mason A4100 to build a single device for development purposes and scale up to hundreds or thousands of devices as needed. This eliminates minimum order requirements from ODMs (original device manufacturers) that can place a significant financial burden on companies looking to launch new dedicated devices.

Features including significant battery capacity with double the battery life from a single charge compared to other smartwatches on the market, as well as a removable strap, make the Mason A4100 an ideal device for a variety of non-wearable use cases such as wall-mounted thermostats, motion detector alarms and location tracking for pets or children.

The Mason A4100 smartwatch also offers GPS capabilities, advanced algorithms, and numerous built-in biometric sensors such as an electrocardiogram (ECG), photoplethysmogram, temperature sensors, accelerometer, and gyroscopes. These sensors can deliver insights for healthcare and fitness applications and support a variety of use cases including:

  • Fall detection for senior care
  • Heart rate, heart rate variation, abnormal heart rate conditions, respiratory rate, and blood oximetry detection
  • Wellness metrics including stress and energy expenditure at active and resting modes
  • Location tracking
  • Episodes of acute psychological stress
  • User identification by comparing a person’s ECG signal profile against the person’s own ECG signal collected at an earlier time

“Health and care delivery evolution is accelerating. The need for wellbeing, precision medicine, virtual care, and remote patient monitoring will drive innovation in hardware devices to complement exponential growth in applications,” said Rohan Kulkarni, Vice President of Healthcare Research at HFS Research. “Rapid cycles from need recognition to functional delivery is critical and those that can deliver chassis to services to product will play a defining role.”

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Mason’s fully customizable OS ensures easy device setup; unprecedented API, feature and security controls; and the ability to adapt or integrate Mason to existing tooling and workflows. It gives users the ability to customize everything from the application’s software to how the fleet of smart devices is remotely managed. With the Mason Smart Device Platform, product owners can effortlessly add, remove or lock down device capabilities to build products as envisioned.

Sam Draper
October 18, 2021

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