Linxens Expands Its Knowledge of Micro-Connectors

Linxens is approaching new markets in addition to growing into related industries.

Image credits: Linxens

Linxens is a leading company in the world for designing and producing smartcard inlays and connections. In addition to expanding into allied fields like RFID and reel-to-reel flexible electronics, Linxens is entering new markets for its early warning odor sensors for Li-ion batteries used in electric cars.

The CEO of Linxens, Cuong Duong, stated that the company has a long history, having created the micro-connector more than 40 years ago, which is a crucial part in the creation of the smart card. Linxens carried on with its firm, concentrating on creating cutting-edge technologies in various fields.

Linxens has expanded its scope of expertise over time to include RFID antennas and inlays, which are essential parts of RFID tags used in a variety of applications such as supply chain management, contactless payment systems, and hospitality, reports David Savastano, Editor of Printed Electronics.

“The world's biggest technology players entrust us with their projects in the fields of payments, telecoms, identity, access control, hospitality and leisure and logistics, etc.,” Duong said. “Leveraging on its knowledge in micro-connectors, Linxens contributed to the development of flexible electronic solutions, which are applied in diverse industries such as wearables, healthcare, and automotive.

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“Today, with over 120 billion micro-connectors and more than 6 billion RFID antennas produced, Linxens is the global specialist in the design and manufacture of these electronic components,” added Duong. “Linxens is exploring new fields in which to apply its technological expertise, such as connected healthcare or authentication and traceability for the IoT or identification for the government.”

Duong pointed out that Linxens places a high priority on innovation and customer service in a number of areas, including government, healthcare, and the Internet of Things.

Duong believes Linxens has a promising future as it seeks to enter new markets.

“Linxens’ objective is to be the leader in all its historical market segments by enabling technology to facilitate the consumer’s life and providing more secure, reliable and sustainable solutions,” Duong concluded. “Linxens is striving to maximize its diversification strategy through innovation on new markets, including healthcare and IoT solutions.”

Sam Draper
February 28, 2024

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