Huami Amazfit GTR 2 LTE And Amazfit T-Rex Pro to Arrive This Year

Chinese wearables giant Huami has just launched the Amazfit GTR 2e and Amazfit GTS 2e on the US...

Chinese wearables giant Huami has just launched the Amazfit GTR 2e and Amazfit GTS 2e on the US market and now it seems there is already yet another model in the works to join the GTR 2 and GTS 2 family. The next in the lineup will be the LTE version of GTR 2 – the Amazfit GTR 2 LTE. The design is based on the regular GTR 2 smartwatches, so it has a round face with a classic watch design. The story was leaked by Niels Ahrensmeier, reports NoteBookCheck.

With the new Amazfit GTR 2 LTE you will be able to make 4G LTE phone connections. This way you won’t need to carry a smartphone around all of the time. It’s expected that only the GTR 2 will get an eSIM version.

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Huami announced the release of LTE versions of Amazfit GTR 2 at the CES 2021. However, there seem to be two versions. Along with the Amazfit GTR 2 LTE codenamed “volgaw”, there will also be an eSIM version called the Amazfit GTR 2 eSIM codenamed “volga”.

Amazfit GTR 2e will be available for purchase via Amazon and Amazfit's India website. It will be offered in Obsidian Black, Slate Grey, and Matcha Green color variants.

Amazfit T-Rex Pro / T-Rex 2

The Amazfit T-Rex was launched last year as the manufacturer's first reliable smartwatch. It was also one of the first products announced by the manufacturer in 2020. A successor is now on the way and it could be released as the Amazfit T-Rex Pro. This model also has the commercial name T-Rex 2. While there are no specs or details about the watch, it has been cleared through the FCC.

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Niels revealed in a tweet that the Amazfit T-Rex Pro is codenamed "blancw". Niels also mentioned another model – the Amazfit Health Watch Pro.

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February 3, 2021

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