January 2023: Sony's mHealth Platform

Sony is stepping into the Wearable Market with their mSafety Platform.

Image credit: Sony

mSafety is a development platform with a connected wearable that allows you to design value-adding health and safety applications. With mSafety, your health business can unlock the possibilities of real-time monitoring of digital biomarkers. You will have complete control over the solution design and the health data you collect. Choose to develop your unique mSafety solution in-house, or make use of our development service and have Sony do it for you.

There are already products available that rely on the expertise of Sony's mHealth Platform in the healthcare market, elderly care market, or in the field of clinical trials and sports.

Sony's mHealth Platform allows Service providers a:

  • Fully scalable and quick to implement
  • Easy fleet management
  • Reliable connectivity
  • Bi-directional communication

And enables end users with:

  • Bi-directional communication
  • Easy to use
  • Data subscription plan and global roaming profile
  • Single-purpose wearable device
  • Highly luminescent black and white display
  • IoT low-power consumption – long battery life

Want to know more? Watch this interview with Sony at the Wearable Technologies Pavilion at MEDICA 2022:

Sam Draper
January 2, 2023

January 2023

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