Telekom Partners with Nreal to Launch First Mixed Reality Glasses in Europe

It was in development for a long time, now Telekom has become the first provider to finally bring...

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It was in development for a long time, now Telekom has become the first provider to finally bring it onto the market in Germany: The AR glasses “Light” from Nreal.

This open up new, future-oriented opportunities for communication, entertainment and interaction in the high-performance 5G network to the general public. With the mixed reality glasses, users experience mixed reality and augmented reality applications integrated into the real environment. For the time being, the Nreal Light can only be used with the OPPO Find X3 Pro smartphone. Other compatible devices will follow in the future. Advance sales start on Telekom's new innovation platform “INITIATE”. From April, the MR glasses will also be available in the Telekom online shop.

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“With the launch of Nreal Light, Telekom is opening a new category of end devices on the European market. The smartphone receives additional added value in combination with the glasses. New MR applications in the areas of entertainment, shopping, gaming, and social media will enrich our reality. We are thus offering our customers completely new communication experiences and interactions with one another,” says Wolfgang Gröning, Vice President XR + Immersion at Telekom, reports Telekom.

Popular apps work with mixed reality

At the start of Nreal Light in Germany, users will already be able to use many of their favorite apps from the Google Play Store. The Nebula operating system brings, for example, YouTube, Amazon, Zalando, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok directly to the mixed reality glasses. You can also mirror your own pictures and videos. The users can open several applications at the same time and arrange them individually. For example, they watch videos on YouTube and at the same time can easily write text messages using the smartphone's voice control. In addition, there are augmented and mixed reality apps with 3D graphics and space tracking specially produced for Nreal.

“Our goal was to enable Nreal Light users and the XR community to take full advantage of the multitude of compatible applications. With these you can really enjoy the new, immersive mixed reality environment,” adds Chi Xu, founder and CEO of Nreal.

Nreal Light glasses

Nreal Light are mixed reality glasses. It combines augmented reality and mixed reality applications. Thanks to their ergonomic fit, the 106-gram light glasses are intended for daily use at home or on the go. The Nreal operating system Nebula guarantees the smooth playback of digital content in three-dimensional space, mirrored by the smartphone. This content is shown in the glasses displays with a resolution of 1080p per eye. Users continue to see their surroundings and interact with them completely freely. Three integrated cameras with environment recognition and freedom of movement in six degrees of freedom (6DoF), dual surround sound speakers and dual microphones for convenient voice control ensure the perfect immersive audiovisual experience.

The digital glasses are connected to the OPPO Find X3 Pro via a USB-C cable. This provides the glasses with computing power and an Internet connection. Navigation is also carried out via the smartphone, which is used as a laser pointer. With an update, intuitive gesture control will soon be possible.

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INITIATE - the platform for innovative technology

With INITIATE, Telekom is also launching its own platform for innovative technology that makes everyday life easier, enriches our lives and connects people. With INITIATE, customers get early access to products that are not yet available for sale everywhere, but which are nevertheless fully developed and immediately available. The Nreal Light is one of the first successful technologies on the INITIATE platform.

The Nreal Light is available for 799 euros. The OPPO Find X3 Pro costs 1,149 euros.

Sam Draper
March 29, 2021

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