Dubai Startup Launches Iron Man Inspired Contact Lens

Xpanceo has released prototypes of smart contact lenses, which were inspired by the Iron Man movies.

Image credits: Xpanceo

Dubai-based start-up Xpanceo has unveiled prototypes of its smart contact lens, which aims to mimic the technology featured in the Iron Man films.

Xpanceo is founded by Roman Axelrod, a former engineer at Google and Facebook, who was inspired by the fictional character Tony Stark also known as Iron Man, and his advanced artificial intelligence system, JARVIS. Axelrod set out to design a wearable that would provide a smooth and engaging interface between people and machines without requiring cumbersome screens, headphones, or glasses.
Axelrod said that the business, which raised $40 million in a seed fundraising round in October, intends to put the device on stores by 2027 following human studies that are expected to be completed in two years, reportsITC.

"It usually takes from half a year to several years [to conduct human trials]. After that, they will be on shelves, I would say [by] 2027 or 2028, in optical stores," he said.

The four Xpanceo smart contact lenses with different functions shown at Mobile World Congress 2024 will be combined into one universal device in the future.

The purpose of the sensor lens is to gauge eye pressure and notify the user of any signs of glaucoma. Nanoparticles are used by the "super vision" lens to enlarge images or enhance visibility in low light. People did not, however, put the lenses into their eyes during the show; instead, their capabilities were displayed on specialized platforms.

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Xpanceo intends to incorporate a neuro interface into the apparatus, enabling direct mental control of the lens. The glucose level sensors should be added to the list of monitoring levels of cortisol, blood pressure, etc. If your blood pressure is elevated, the lens will be able to alert you to the need to avoid drinking another cup of coffee.

In addition to giving vision superpowers, the nanoparticles will treat vision-related disorders like myopia and strabismus. The lens will dynamically alter its own properties as needed to provide consistently good vision.

Because it offers a customized, interactive, and augmented reality experience, the smart contact lens has the potential to completely transform a number of industries, including communication, education, entertainment, health, and security. Those with diseases, disabilities, or visual impairments may benefit from the lens in terms of their quality of life and talents.

Sam Draper
March 7, 2024

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