IEEE Organization Announces Formation of LaSAR Alliance For AR Wearables

The IEEE Industry Standards and Technology Organization (ISTO), an international federation of...


The IEEE Industry Standards and Technology Organization (ISTO), an international federation of leading industry groups and consortia dedicated to the advancement of standardized technologies for the benefit of industry, announced its newest member program, LaSAR Alliance (Laser Scanning for Augmented Reality), reports GlobeNewsWire.

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The LaSAR Alliance (Laser Scanning for Augmented Reality) was established to create an ecosystem of like-minded companies and organizations to foster and encourage the development and promotion of technologies, components, devices, techniques and solutions to enable the efficient design and manufacture of augmented reality wearable devices including smart glasses and head-mounted displays. The goal is to provide an environment to facilitate a marketplace for ideas where members can exchange and share information, collaborate and partner to create, build and grow effective and compelling LBS (Laser Beam Scanning) based solutions, share best practices, and to help drive the growth of the market for augmented reality wearables in general.

“The formation of the LaSAR Alliance will facilitate the growth of the Augmented Reality market,” said Bharath Rajagopalan, Chair of the LaSAR Alliance. “Laser Beam Scanning solutions show great promise to realize a number of critical requirements necessary for the development of all-day-wearable smart glasses and head-mounted-display solutions. Achieving this objective requires a tightly knit ecosystem of complementary technologies and the Alliance is set up to foster an environment of cooperation and collaboration.”

ISTO president Marco W Migliaro stated, “We welcome the LaSAR Alliance as a new member program of ISTO Federation of Programs, and the ISTO staff looks forward to helping LaSAR achieve its unique goals using laser beam scanning based solutions. ISTO has a proven track record of successfully facilitating the introduction of new technologies and innovations that improve industry competition and growth.”

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ISTO provides today's industry alliances and trade associations with turnkey legal and operational support. The organization is the premier trusted partner of the global technology community for the development, adoption, and certification of industry standards and technology solutions that benefit the industry. An international federation of member programs, its mission is to facilitate the life-cycle of industry standards development through a dedicated staff committed to offering vendor neutrality, quality support, and member satisfaction.

Sam Draper
April 19, 2021

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