Garmin Enduro to the Test: This is Garmin’s Most Advanced Smartwatch

If you’re looking for a smartwatch that won't let you down during any of your workouts, then the...

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If you’re looking for a smartwatch that won't let you down during any of your workouts, then the Garmin Enduro is the perfect watch for you. The Enduro is one of the most advanced sports computers that Garmin currently offers. It is a highly developed smartwatch for GPS-supported sports and competitions.

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In the ConnectIQ companion app, the Enduro was initially identified as fenix Enduro. Functionally and in terms of price, it ranks on the same level, with advantages over the simple Fenix ​​6 and disadvantages over the Fenix ​​6 Pro. In addition to the additional benefit that Garmin derives from the motion sensors in the Enduro, it is above all the running time ahead of the Fenix ​​models: with 70 hours (without solar charge) it accompanies ultra-disciplines almost twice as long as the Fenix ​​6 and Fenix ​​6 Pro (36 Hours).

The Enduro is equipped with a light and elastic nylon strap with Velcro. Athletes will quickly appreciate this not only because of the low weight, but also because practically no moisture can collect under the bracelet. All important information is shown on a round memory-in-pixel display (1.4 inches, 280 x 280 pixels) that is always switched on. You can navigate through the menu using five buttons on the sides. One of them is intended to make the display shine more brightly if desired.

No touchscreen

The watch is not equipped with a touchscreen, reports Notebook Check. At first glance, this may seem surprising, given that touchscreens are almost ubiquitous on the smartwatch market. The Garmin Enduro proves with a sophisticated operating concept that it is not absolutely necessary to equip a modern watch with a touch-sensitive screen.

Health and fitness tracking

The watch is able to calculate your cardiovascular fitness level in the form of maximum oxygen uptake (VO2max). In addition to pace, heart rate, duration, and other parameters of the workout, it also takes into account the individual terrain. Furthermore, the watch can show upcoming climbs directly on the display (Climbpro function) and give tips on how long you should allow your body to recover after a strenuous exercise. One of the newest functions makes it possible during an Ultra Run activity to log your breaks at the refreshment stations via the lap button.

Incidentally, over time, the Garmin Enduro gets to know its user better and better. She then suggests which running or cycling training would make the most sense from day to day in order to achieve a balanced training load. If that's not enough for you, you can also program the watch to act as a virtual opponent during your training. This so-called PacePro function is intended to guide you step by step to improve your performance.


  • extremely extensive equipment
  • light, elastic bracelet
  • robust and yet light workmanship
  • long battery life
  • perfect synchronization of smartphone notifications
  • intuitive menu navigation
  • Recovery timer and trail running functions included
  • Watch warns of approaching storms
  • nicely designed smartphone app


  • no space for offline music
  • Garmin Pay for mobile payment does not work with all banks
  • Telephoning via the smartwatch is not possible
  • no pre-installed topographic map material for navigation
  • very high price

Coupling with a Smartphone

When Garmin Enduro was used with an iPhone 12 Pro, the almost perfect synchronization of notifications between the smartwatch and the mobile phone was impressive.

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Battery life

In a test, the smartwatch with permanently activated pulse and SpO2 measurement as well as three weekly half-hour workouts, lasted for almost two weeks in classic smartwatch mode.


The black model with a titanium bezel (61 grams) costs USD1,077 (899.99 euros). The gray model with a stainless-steel bezel (71 grams), is priced at USD957 (799.99 euros).

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April 15, 2021

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