Coros Introduces Next Gen Sports Science Software Called EvoLab

Performance sports wearables maker Coros announced its largest ever software and app update...


Performance sports wearables maker Coros announced its largest ever software and app update. These new features and advancement of existing features comes as the brand continues to respond to the ever-evolving needs of performance athletes. The latest update focuses on sports science and improving user’s training efficiency by way of both COROS watches and the COROS App, available for download in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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EvoLab brings the following enhancements to the COROS platform:

  • Real time training load – based on intensity and duration of activity
  • Improved Aerobic/Anaerobic Training Effect calculation
  • Short-term and long-term fitness analysis
  • Fatigue level and recovery recommendations

Furthermore, EvoLab offers a number of newly designed Road/Track Running Specific features are being introduced with plans for expansion to Trail Running and other activities in the future:

  • Marathon Focused Running Level – indicating Marathon distance readiness and provides an easy comparison between runners.
  • Running Performance Analysis – comparing today’s run versus expectations.
  • Race Prediction Tool and Pace Guide – offered for 5k, 10k, Half-Marathon and Marathon distances.

“Our team of developers have spent the last 12 months on the EvoLab project, responding to the performance needs of our users, said Lewis Wu, CEO COROS Wearables. “In the process, they have completely revolutionized the way athletes receive personalized fitness evaluations from a GPS Watch. The final result allows for better and more efficient training which ultimately is our mission at COROS.

EvoLab will be available for early release to the first 1,000 users who sign up here and will be more broadly released within the next month, according to a press release.

In addition, COROS announced that it will be bringing 4 new products to market with the PACE 2 Speed Series and the all-new Keychain Charger. The PACE 2 Speed Series includes 3 all new limited run colors of the Award-Winning PACE 2 GPS Sports Watch:

  • Red – inspired by the synthetic track surfaces
  • Green – representing the pines of the Pacific Northwest, home to this summer’s Track and Field Championships
  • Gold – epitomizing the pinnacle achievement of the sport, and the medal that COROS Pro Athletes Emma Coburn and Eliud Kipchoge look to take home this summer

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Lastly, the Keychain charger is a fun introduction to the COROS range, as it solves one of the biggest issues caused by the brand’s renowned battery life – lost chargers. Users can purchase the new Keychain Charger for $24.99 and clip it onto their keys, water bottle or belt loop so it’s always at the ready, on the rare chance a charger is needed.

Sam Draper
June 9, 2021

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