Cardo Systems-509 to Transform Motorcycle Helmets

Cardo Systems has joined forces with powersports apparel brand 509 to introduce a motorcycle helmet.

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Cardo Systems, a global market leader in wireless communication systems for power sports, has joined forces with leading power sports apparel brand 509 to introduce the Mach V Commander, a groundbreaking motorcycle helmet that transcends the conventional. The Mach V Commander features a fully integrated state-of-the-art Cardo communications system with in-helmet audio and microphone enabling seamless communication and connectivity for you and up to 14 users. The helmet also boasts the industry's leading JBL sound quality and noise cancellation capabilities.

This innovative collaboration catapults 509 into the heart of the motorcycle community, as the Mach V Commander helmet sets a new standard for communication and connectivity on the open road. Marrying 509's acclaimed craftsmanship with Cardo Systems' cutting-edge communication technology, riders can effortlessly converse with fellow riders, manage calls, and enjoy music while on the move.

“As the vanguard of power sports communication, we're thrilled to collaborate with 509 to help enhance motorcyclists' safety and offer a fully integrated communication system to help make the riding experience even better," said Shachar Harari, VP, of Business Development & OEM at Cardo Systems. "This partnership presents a phenomenal opportunity to deliver best-in-class communication coupled with the renowned craftsmanship that both our brands are known for."

Designed to be more than just a piece of protective gear,  the Mach V Commander helmet by 509 represents a leap forward in motorcycle helmet technology. With the ability to effortlessly connect to 15 riders within a range of one mile, the Mach V Commander redefines communication on the open road. Its integrated Cardo System ensures crystal-clear audio quality, allowing riders to communicate with exceptional clarity amidst the ever-changing environments of the open road. Safety and comfort are paramount, with features like an impact-resistant visor, controllable chase light, and advanced moisture control contributing to an enhanced riding experience.

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"We are elated to unveil the Mach V Commander helmet, featuring integrated Cardo Systems, to the vibrant street rider community," said Bill Hartlieb, Global Product Director at 509."Through our collaboration with Cardo Systems, we created a product that authentically elevates connectivity, convenience, and safety on the road."

Innovation, safety, and seamless communication converge in the Mach V Commander helmet with integrated Cardo Systems. Designed for the modern motorcyclist, this collaboration between Cardo Systems and 509 sets a new standard in helmet technology. Discover the future of motorcycle helmets with the Mach V Commander by Cardo Systems and 509.

Key Features of the Mach V Commander Helmet with Cardo Communication System:

·       Group Communication: With Cardo Communication System, riders can stay connected with up to 14 fellow riders within a range of up to 1 mile (1.6 kilometers) through mesh connectivity or connect via Bluetooth® for music, phone, or map capabilities.

·       Superior Audio Quality: The integrated Cardo Communication System ensures crystal-clear sound, with JBL speakers and PSI (Pressurized Sound Isolation) earmuff system for isolation, passive noise canceling, and custom fit.

·       Voice Command and Hands-Free Operation: Riders can keep their hands on the handlebars and their focus on the road, as the Mach V Commander Helmet supports voice commands for seamless operation, making communication effortless and intuitive.

·       Enhanced Safety and Comfort: The Mach V Commander Helmet incorporates the safety performance features motorsports riders have come to expect from 509, an impact-resistant visor, controllable chase light, Fidlock Magnetic Chinstrap, and excellent moisture control with the patent-pending Venturi Venting System.

The Mach V Commander Helmet with Cardo Communications System is available for purchase on Ride 509 and at authorized 509 retailers nationwide.

About Cardo Systems

Cardo Systems provides cutting-edge communication devices and application services for power sports and outdoor enthusiasts. Cardo's devices and services promote riders' safety and enable motorcycle riders, off-road drivers, and adventure seekers to stay connected to their phones, music, and to each other. Cardo launched the world's first motorcycle Bluetooth-based wireless intercom headset in 2004.

About 509

Founded 20 years ago, the 509 story began as a snowmobile brand deep in the backcountry of the unforgiving Rocky Mountains. Those harsh environments inspired a journey of developing innovative and purpose-built riding gear, all while telling the story of the brand, our athletes, and the industry through our award-winning films and content. Today, 509 develops technical gear across the snowmobile, dirt bike, and motorcycle industries.

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October 16, 2023

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