Best Wearables for Triathletes in 2019

Triathlons have really taken off over the years, making it tougher to train for this race.

Image: Garmin

Triathlons have really taken off over the years, making it tougher to train for this multisport race. With the proliferation of GPS-enabled devices and better waterproofing, triathletes can now benefit from various smartwatches and fitness trackers designed specifically for them. Here are 6 such wearables for the triathletes this year.

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Wearables for Swimming

Incus Nova

Incus Nova is a swimming wearable for triathletes that’s worn on the upper spine and held in place by the apparel. The wearable combines artificial intelligence and data analytics to improve technique and training in competitive sports. Having engineered each element of the system from the ground up, INCUS provides an elegant data experience that uniquely optimizes quality, speed and efficiency across all processes from data capture to analysis and feedback. The wearable is high-quality sensors found in smartwatches. It tracks your strokes, breaths and kicks on both left and right sides. Nova will cost around $420, when it’s launched at the end of this year.

Moov Now

This lightweight wearable is made not just for swimming, but for running, cycling, cardio, and more. Billed as the most advanced swim tracker, it tracks stroke count, stroke type, lap analysis and recommends ways to improve your technique. Moov Now boasts three times more sensors than basic fitness trackers, providing real-time accuracy. There’s no display – so you’ll have to check your phone afterwards to see how you performed. For all the advanced features, Moov Now comes with a low price of $60 and a long six-month battery life.

Wearables for Running

Garmin Forerunner 935

Designed especially for triathletes and ultrarunners, the Forerunner 935 is loaded with features that combine advanced metric performance with stellar GPS technology. The smartwatch allows you to transition between swimming, running and biking while continuously monitoring your performance. It then analyzes these data to determine heart rate variability, rest times, and other physiological insights. Battery-life is 24 hours in run mode and up to 60 hours in low-power mode. The price starts at $415.

Polar M430

While Polar’s M400 was a best-selling running watch in Europe, its new smartwatch – Polar M430 – is definitely a winner again. The easy-to-use, durable, watch comes with built-in heart rate (HR) monitoring for zone training and continuous HR tracking off the wrist, so you can monitor your resting heart rate and your fitness progress. The watch also has sleep tracking and smart notifications and the benefit of the ever-improving Polar Flow app, which allows you to add smart coaching to your wrist for training.

Incus Nova (Image: Incus)

Wearables for Cycling


CORTEX is a Leipzig, Germany-based world market leader in mobile performance testing represented in medical, sports and fitness. The company’s METALYZER 3B is a portable high resolution spiroergometry system with Breath-by-Breath technology. With portable breath-by-breath system, it allows a complete medical analysis of the functionality of a person’s lung, heart and metabolism at rest and under stress. It has Bluetooth® LE for connection to HF, SpO2, power meters and other measuring devices. Internal battery allows a 12-hour running time.

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Garmin Forerunner 935

We picked Garmin Forerunner 935 as a good watch for running, but it’s also a great choice for cycling. This comfortable, lightweight tracker is ready to provide you with quality information. The sensors included are a barometer, altimeter, thermometer, and a built-in GPS. These features make it a great watch to wear when running or cycling. The heart rate monitor allows you to respond to real-time data. Bluetooth Smart and ANT+ are available to connect to external sensors. Although the device is a pricy one, it is well worth the quality and features.

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May 6, 2019

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