Nova H1: Stylish Pearl Earrings Doubles As Smart Earbuds

For the ladies who like listening to music on the go but don’t want their earbuds to be cons...

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For the ladies who like listening to music on the go but don’t want their earbuds to be conspicuous, German startup Nova Products has found a stylish alternative to earbuds. The company’s Nova H1 is a pair of stylish pearl earrings that double as earbuds. Sold in sets of two, each 7-gram earring has a solid silver body/clip along with a real pearl.

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The Earrings are fully packed with the latest technology embedded in real pearls to provide you with music, phone calls, and digital assistants all day long.

Like conventional earrings, the NOVA H1 are placed on the earlobes and project the sound from inside the pearl straight into your ear canal.

Thanks to their worldwide patented Directional Sound Technology, the sound travels from the earlobe to the ear canal avoiding sound leakage and keeping your conversations and music private and secure.

Two tiny high-end microphones are integrated into each Earring providing the user with crystal clear phone calls and wind-noise cancelation.

The button, located at the back of each earring, allows music control, answers phone calls, plays or skips songs, and activates the voice assistant.

The rechargeable battery inside every Earring is replaceable. The earbuds provide 3+ hours of playtime – and automatically saves batter life with the ultra-sleep mode.

  • Streaming music: The earrings allow you to stream music from any audio source like Spotify, Google Play Music or Apple Music, or your music library on your smartphone, computer or tablet.

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  • Phone calls: Make and receive phone calls at home, in the office, or while commuting. Anywhere, any time.
  • Privacy: NOVA’s patented Directional Sound Technology helps keep your private conversations private.
  • Availability: To order your Nova H1, you need to visit their Kickstarter campaign.
Sam Draper
February 26, 2021

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