A New Level of Immersion in Virtual Training

SenseGlove has launched its SenseGlove Nova haptic gloves – the Nova 2.

Image Credit: SenseGlove

SenseGlove, a provider of haptic force-feedback gloves, has launched its latest innovation, with the release of the second generation of the company’s SenseGlove Nova haptic gloves – the “Nova 2.”

Wearers of haptic gloves can authentically interact with virtual reality (VR) items by feeling their size, stiffness, and resistance. Additionally, they enable items to be handled, moved, caressed, connected, and squeezed just like real objects.

According to SenseGlove, the new device will help to improve the way users interact with the digital world, by providing an increased level of realism in virtual training, research, and social multiplayer interactions.

Wearers have had the ability to feel shapes and textures in virtual reality applications since 2021 thanks to the Nova, the Nova 2'sprecursor. Numerous VR users praised the gloves' vibrotactile feedback, functionality, and small wireless construction. Wearers' interactions with the digital world have enhanced thanks to the Nova 2 from SenseGlove.

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The new gloves will be equipped with ‘Active ContactFeedback’ to simulate a feeling inside the user’s hand, making any object that comes in contact with the whole palm feel more realistic – whether it’s a car steering wheel, a laboratory flask, or just an apple.

Active Contact Feedback comes in addition to force feedback, a feature of the Nova. Force feedback restricts the movement of the fingers, making the wearer feel like they’re holding a real object. But that, too, has been improved. In the Nova 2, whatever object is being carried will not only restrict the fingers but will also be felt in the palm. The Nova 2 will"first and only wireless compact glove on the market" with this feature.

The SenseGlove Nova 2 will be available in late 2023 forUS$5,999. If you can’t wait for the Nova 2’s release, you can always grab a pair of Nova gloves, which have been reduced from $4,999 to $3,999.

Sam Draper
June 20, 2023

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