Glove to Replicate Sensation of Touch

Diver-X unveiled a glove that is capable of flexing/compressing to replicate the sensation of touch.

Image Credit: Diver-X

Japanese tech startup Diver-X made news when it launched an ambitious VR headset earlier this year. Now, Diver-X has unveiled an innovative glove that is capable of flexing and compressing to replicate the sensation of touch.

Dubbed ContactGlove, the wearable is a revolutionary VR controller in the form of a glove, equipped with haptic feedback and high-precision hand tracking. With button input just like conventional VR controllers, ContactGlove allows you to experience a truly immersive VR world. Plus, it's compatible with all SteamVR content.

Hand Tracking/SteamVR Skeletal Input

Until now, VR gloves were only not accessible to the mass due to their high cost and proprietary software requirements. Driver-X has changed that by making the VR glove controller compatible with SteamVR, the most popular VR content platform, thus making it accessible to a wider audience. Now, everyone can enjoy the benefits of a VR glove controller at a more affordable price.

Built-in Controller Input

ContactGlove is a unique glove-type device that not only captures finger movements but also reproduces buttons and stick operations with just finger movements. This allows for a more intuitive and immersive experience in virtual reality.

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ContactGlove SDK

To make content development using ContactGlove as smooth as possible, the company provides SDKs for Unity and UnrealEngine. This allows developers to easily integrate ContactGlove into their VR projects and take full advantage of its unique features.


  • Battery: 6 hours without haptic feedback, 2 hours with haptic feedback (will be improved by a software update)
  • Charging time: 2.5 hours (USB type-C)
  • Wireless connection: includes a dedicated dongle
  • Size: S/M/L
  • Hand tracking: bending sensor and IMU (standard version does not support finger opening)
  • Vibration: Back of the hand (equipped on all models)
  • Tactile feedback: thumb, index finger, middle finger (on tactile-equipped models only)

Only Available On Kickstarter

The company is pitching ContactGloves starting at ¥65,000 (~$490) for models without the flexible touch membrane, and ¥94,000 (~$710) for non-haptic models with Tundra Trackers included. All haptic-capable versions of ContactGloves are already gone, which were priced starting at ¥115,000 (~$870).

Sam Draper
January 13, 2023

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