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Webinar with DuPont

This webinar is about how the DuPont technology portfolio and expertise helps the design of next generation wearable patches. The different technologies offered by DuPont under Liveo™ and Intexar™, are reviewed with emphasis on skin adhesive, elastomeric films, and electric conductive and stretchable materials for sensors and connecting patterns. The development of mobile healthcare systems in the form of wearable devices is a sustainable market trend, growing from consumer market into medical applications. Allowing cost-effective remote health monitoring, wearable devices improve and save life by reducing hospitalization time and rehospitalization and triggering emergency interventions. Recent advances in sensor miniaturization and electrically conductive materials contribute to the integration of electronic into patch systems, resulting in the new generation of wearables designed with feel like skin to record reliable body signals. Focusing on flexible monitoring sensors to track electrical bio signals and relying on more than 70 years dedicated to healthcare including skin contact solutions, DuPont brings expertise and relevance into this booming market. With the longest legacy in medical applied silicones history, DuPont Liveo™ silicone technology offers innovative and effective material solutions to the advanced healthcare industry e.g. medical tubing, skin adhesive, drug delivery matrix, innovative technologies which today helps to address current wearable challenges with improved functionalities: stable adhesion, wearability and compliance, connection and conductivity, protection and Insulation.

Dr. Alexis Bobenrieth

Healthcare TS&D/Medical Device Expert

DuPont Liveo™ Healthcare Solutions

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