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Interview with AURIMOD GmbH

AURIMOD GmbH, founded in 2015 as a spin-off of the Medical University of Vienna and Vienna University of Technology, offers innovative, personalized and drug-free alternatives to pain treatment through auricular vagus nerve stimulation. The company takes a holistic approach and attaches great importance to the health and benefits for patients. Their interdisciplinary team of experts develops products and conducts applied biomedical/clinical research to continuously improve the technology. The video explains the unique selling points of VIVO compared to other wearable electromedical devices on the market, how VIVO technology provides effective pain relief and how the VIVO Pal app benefits patients.

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Interview with AURIMOD GmbH

Watch the interview with Stefan Kampusch, CEO from AURIMOD GmbH, here.

Interview with MediBioSense

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Interview with Sendance GmbH

Watch the interview with Dr. Yana Vereshchaga, from Sendance GmbH.

Interview with Sigknow Biomedical

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