Vuzix Receives Largest Single M400 Smartglasses Order from Ubimax

Vuzix announced that the company has received its largest single order for M400...

Image: Vuzix

Vuzix announced that the company has received its largest single order for M400 Smartglasses to date. Ubimax, a leading provider of fully integrated industrial augmented reality (AR) solutions, has placed an order in excess of $550,000 for immediate delivery.

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“Ubimax and Vuzix have a rich history going back 5+ years. The new M400 is pushing the boundaries of smart glasses performance for work instructions, vision picking and video streaming across the board. Ubimax is very satisfied with the new M400 from Vuzix and I believe our customers will be happy with the results it will deliver,” said Jan Junker, Chief Commercial Officer of Ubimax.

The Ubimax Frontline platform improves manual work processes across industries along the entire value chain on the basis of the latest wearable computing technologies. The solutions are designed to consciously empower the human worker in an increasingly digitized working environment. The Ubimax Frontline solutions have received numerous awards, including the Auggie Award for "Best Enterprise Solution", the MHI Award for "Best IT Innovation" and the Automotive Logistics Award. ABI Research calls Ubimax the world's leading company for industrial wearables and augmented reality solutions. The fast-growing company serves 400 customers worldwide, says a press release.

Ubimax Frontline sets out to revolutionize the daily work of the deskless workforce in the same way Microsoft Office has done for office workers (Image: Ubimax)

“We are very proud of our M400 Smart Glasses and its capabilities. We see this new order from Ubimax as a strong validation of the M400 and our efforts to build it. There were certain non-negotiable performance targets and specifications like IP-67 that were set from beginning of the M400 project. The Vuzix team nailed them all with a product that's proudly designed and assembled in Rochester, New York. We look forward to growing this business with Ubimax even more in the future. This is just the beginning,” said Paul Travers, Vuzix President and Chief Executive Officer.

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Based in Rochester, NY, Vuzix is a leading supplier of Smart-Glasses and Augmented Reality (AR) technologies and products for the consumer and enterprise markets. The Company's products include personal display and wearable computing devices that offer users a portable high-quality viewing experience, provide solutions for mobility, wearable displays and augmented reality. Vuzix holds 147 patents and patents pending and numerous IP licenses in the Video Eyewear field.

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December 27, 2019

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