Sensoria’s New AI-Enabled Smart Cushion Reduces Risk Of Ulceration In Wheelchair Users

Los Angeles-based Sensoria Health announced that it finished the development of the first-ever IoT..

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Los Angeles-based Sensoria Health announced that it finished the development of the first-ever IoT connected, AI-enabled and comfortable cushion and software system designed for wheelchair users to reduce risk of ulceration, reports MedGadget.

If you spend significant time in a wheelchair you are at risk of developing pressure ulcers. About 3 million people suffer from pressure sores and 60,000 patients lose their lives due to complications related to pressure ulcers each year in the US. The best way to prevent ulcers is to change position and perform pressure relief exercises, Sensoria said on its website.

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In the US, there are over 2.7 million wheelchair users and about 3 million people who suffer from pressure ulcers. Our body is not designed to sit for long hours every day without regular movement. Once a patient develops a pressure injury, the healing process is long and painful and may include prolonged bed rest, intensive wound care, and reconstructive surgery.

Wheelchair seat cushions are designed for comfort, pressure management, posture improvement, and increased stability. However, it’s hard to tell if they actually reduce the risk of ulceration.

Each Sensoria® Mat is hand-made. The mat has two parts. The first part has a carefully crafted cushion with skin refreshing gel and comfortable memory foam paired with a proprietary mat insert that is infused with soft textile pressure sensors. The second part is the Sensoria Core – a Bluetooth Smart rechargeable, miniaturized IoT hub device that snaps into the insert to collect pressure relief data and helps wheelchair users maintain their daily rehab, stay healthy and reduce risk of ulceration, the MedGadget report said.

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“The new Sensoria Mat is easy to use and it can help people get started and stay healthy by weight shifting and lifting part of their own weight on a wheelchair a few times a day, coached by a simple and elegant mobile app in their own wellness and fitness journey,” said Garrison Redd, team USA top powerlifter athlete, professional football coach and disabled rights activist in New York.

Sam Draper
August 3, 2020

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