Titan Launches Three Fitness Smartwatches Under New Brand ‘Traq’

India’s largest watchmaker Titan has expanded its portfolio within the wearable category by...

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India’s largest watchmaker Titan has expanded its portfolio within the wearable category by launching its new smart fitness gear brand TraQ. The first-ever smart gear developed entirely by Titan, TraQ was conceptualized in-house at the design studio in Bangalore and is made exclusively for India's outperformers.

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Titan is eyeing the growing market in the fitness gear segment as the number of people taking up sports like running, cycling, swimming and aiming for a healthy and active lifestyle is on the rise.

“The pandemic has accentuated this trend creating demand for a dedicated gear for tracking performance in these sports. While there are many sports accessories brand, there are very limited players who offer products to track the performance in various sports. So, we are very excited to launch a new brand of performance gear catering to this growing need,” said Suparna Mitra, CEO, Watches Division, Titan Company Limited.

The watches are available under three variants - TraQ Lite, TraQ Triathlon, and TraQ Cardio. TraQ Pro watches boast amazing features that enable the journey to outperform, including an in-built GPS, transflective display, ANT+ compatibility, heart rate monitoring, and much more. The Pro watches from the brand are multi-sport enabled with running, cycling, and swimming modes. The TraQ App further helps to go beyond the limit with advanced performance data, pace measurement, setting goals, connecting with friends, and much more. The app can be downloaded from Google Play Store or Apple App Store, reports BusinessWorldIn.

TraQ Lite is the introductory activity watch from the brand. This digital watch comes with a chest strap that allows the user to accurately measure heart rates as well as use heart rate zones for workout-based training. The watch records up to 25 fitness records for one to refer to.

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TraQ Triathlon and TraQ Cardio gears are equipped with smartwatch functions that help to stay on track, with call and message alerts on the go, to the latest weather updates before heading out for training. Users can time every move with clock features like alarm, stopwatch, and timer and experience the thrill of training with music that has the right BPM, through the music control feature. The TraQ Pros also have best in class battery backup with the delivery of up to 13 hrs with GPS on and almost a week on standby mode with Active HRM disabled. The watches have 5 buttons for input making them extremely easy to use when wearing protective gloves or with sweaty fingers where a touch-screen becomes extremely cumbersome to operate.

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February 15, 2021

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