Tic Watch GTH: The $80 Smartwatch That Can Track Blood Oxygen Level and Temperature

Mobvoi, a Chinese tech firm, has started selling its TicWatch GTH. The $79.99 fitness wearable...


Mobvoi, a Chinese tech firm, has started selling its TicWatch GTH. The $79.99 fitness wearable features sensors for skin temperature and blood oxygen that are typically reserved for more expensive watches.

The watch has powerful sensors to help you reach optimal health. These sensors continuously monitor your skin temperature, blood oxygen (SpO2) levels, heart rate, respiration rate, and even your sleep quality. Advanced fitness tracking also helps you keep track of your progress and show all that you’ve accomplished on a brilliant 1.55’’ high-resolution color display. Swim, bike, and run all week long with up to 10 days of battery.

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Temperature measurement

Your temperature is a core indicator of your overall health. TicWatch GTH's sensor measures directly from your wrist and notifies you of any potential concerns. With TicWatch GTH monitoring your temperature all day and night, it can alert you when health issues arise, allowing you to act quickly. With up to ± 0.1°C measurement accuracy**, the temperature sensor allows you to take on-demand readings within just a few seconds, reports Mobvoi.

Blood Oxygen saturation

Keeping track of your blood saturation (SpO2) levels helps you understand how well oxygen is being sent throughout your body. The blood oxygen sensor in the TicWatch GTH uses photoplethysmography (PPG) technology to accurately measure the oxygen saturation in your bloodstream. The SpO2 sensor detects your oxygen saturation level, by shining an array of LED lights into the blood vessels in your wrist.

Heart rate monitor

Continuously monitoring your heart rate when you are working, exercising, and even while you sleep. Get detailed visualizations of your heart health in real-time.

Respiratory rate

Your respiration rate is the number of breaths that you take per minute. By monitoring this it can help detect early changes in your health.

Are you stressed?

TicZen turns your heart rate variability data into insights about your stress level throughout the day.

Sleep tracker

A good night’s sleep is key to maintaining good health and reducing stress. TicSleep tracks your light and deep sleep cycles, the duration, and the quality of your sleep. Wake up each day with a sleep quality rating based on last night's sleep routine.


With a 5ATM water-resistance rating, TicWatch GTH can go with you wherever you travel. Wash your hands, play in the snow or go for a swim without fear of water damage.

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Predicting COVID-19

Mobvoi is collaborating with Turing scholar and professor Raj Reddy and a team of scientists at Carnegie Melon University to use the Tic Watch GTH’s sensor data to develop a system for predicting early warning signs of possible COVID-19 infection. Mobvoi’s R&D team and the CMU team will work together to build personalized models powered by long-term data tracking and analysis to provide insights on the overall health and wellbeing.

Sam Draper
June 4, 2021

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