This AR Attachment Lets You Access Android TV Anywhere

Rokid Station: a portable Android TV device for AR glasses that enables portable Android TV.

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Rokid, a pioneer in human-computer interaction technology, announced the preorder for the Rokid Station, a portable Android TV device for augmented reality (AR) glasses, jointly developed by Rokid and HiMedia, to enable a private and portable Android TV experience anytime, anywhere.

"The Rokid Station packs an unprecedented cinematic experience into a portable Android TV device that can be carried anywhere," said Hui Du, Rokid VP, Head of Rokid Hardware Design Center."Its intuitive controls are the natural complement to the Rokid Max AR glasses that deliver stunning visual fidelity. As a portable Android TV device for AR glasses, the Rokid Station enables users to experience their favorite big screen content like never before.”

A Portable Android TV experience

The Rokid Station, jointly developed by Rokid and HiMedia, is lighter and more portable than a smartphone. It features a sleek contour and ergonomic design that’s both easy to use and comfortable to hold. And with a compact body, the Rokid Station can easily slip inside small bags or even pockets, allowing users to enjoy a private and portable Android TV experience anytime, anywhere. Android TV gives you a smarter, easier way to get more from your TV. On top of it, Rokid Station has created the ultimate portable personal cinema experience tailored for each single user. Additionally, HiMedia has developed a diverse range of creative Android TV products tailored for both retail and operators.

The Rokid Station works with Rokid AR glasses, such as the newly released Rokid Max. The Rokid Max provides a 215-inch virtual screen while being astonishingly light, weighing just 75 grams.

The Rokid Station and Rokid Max combo brings a captivating cinematic experience that’s easy to get lost in, which is why the Station uses a high-capacity battery that can last up to five hours of video playback on a full charge--more than enough for a full day of fun.

Powerful hardware

Equipped with Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation's OLED displays, the Rokid Max offers vibrant colors and deep contrast. Despite its compact size similar to regular glasses, the Rokid Max provides a remarkable 215-inch virtual screen, truly replicating the immersive experience of a full-sized cinema. The display's 120Hz refresh rate guarantees a smooth viewing experience and also supports three degrees of freedom in compatible AR experiences. During use, the Rokid Max prioritizes privacy by significantly reducing front light leakage by 90%. Additionally, with a brightness of up to 600 nits and a set of lens covers, the Rokid Max ensures visibility even inoutdoor environments.

The Rokid Max comes with a diopter lens adjustment feature for expanded vision compatibility, ranging from 0.00 to -6.00 D. For vision support outside of its adjustment range, Rokid Max also accommodates prescription lens inserts provided by Lensology.

No entertainment experience is complete without impactful audio. To meet this criteria, two professional-grade directional speakers on the Max deliver rich and powerful sound, completing the overall experience. The speakers feature a patented design that effectively suppresses sound volume leakage to enhance privacy and increase immersion.

Intuitive and versatile

To avoid the distractions of a complicated remote, the RokidStation features streamlined buttons while still offering powerful controls. Its large, accurate direction pad allows it to function as both a remote when enjoying movies or a controller when gaming.

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The Rokid Station has Google Play. You can download your favorite apps and games including YouTube, Hulu, Disney+, TVer, AbemaTV, and more on Google Play, alongside a plethora of immersive games. The setup is simple and fast, allowing the user to jump right into the action.

For users with multiple gadgets, the Rokid Max AR glasses are also compatible with an array of other devices, not just the Rokid Station. In addition to featuring plug-and-play compatibility with most smartphones, the Rokid Max also works in screen casting mode with the Nintendo Switch, Steam Deck, and other game consoles with the corresponding adapters available from the Rokid Store.


Rokid Station

Now available for preorder at US$129 from the Rokid Store and will ship by the end of August. Post-launch price will be $139.

Rokid Max AR glasses

The Rokid Max AR glasses are available in stock at US$439 from the Rokid Store.

For a limited time, save $39 when purchasing the RokidStation + Rokid Max bundle for $529 and shipping by the end of August.

About Rokid

Founded in 2014, Rokid is a pioneering technology platform company that focuses on human-computer interaction. Through the research of speech recognition, natural language processing, optical display, semiconductor platform, and hardware design, Rokid has developed a range of augmented reality(AR) glasses for both consumer and enterprise scenarios. The company holds more than 250 invention patents, and its products have been sold at scale in over 80 countries and regions worldwide. Visit to learn more, and follow us on LinkedIn.

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September 5, 2023

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