VRSim’s Cutting Edge VRNA EMS Training Product

VRNA EMS provides immersive training for Emergency Medical Professionals and First Responders.

Image Credits: VRSim

VRSim, Inc., a leading innovator and provider of virtual reality training solutions, announced its newest product, VRNA EMS, at an Open House event on November 3rd. VRNA EMS uses VR technology to provide immersive training for Emergency Medical Professionals and First Responders. The OpenHouse featured VRSim staff demonstrating VRNA EMS' ability to provide hands-on learning experiences focused on critical life-saving skills required in the field.

The Open House, held at VRSim headquarters in East Hartford, CT, attracted a diverse audience of industry professionals, government representatives, and local community members. Attendees experienced VRSim's renowned immersive training technology, including SimSpray, VRTEX, VRNA CNA, and the newly announced VRNA EMS.

With VRNA EMS, trainees engage in realistic scenarios, practice critical decision-making, and enhance their skills through hands-on activities in safe, controlled environments. The immersive tool covers testable skills that align with the National Registry and are required by state and national certifications.

"We need to train and field a new generation of EMS providers, and this is going to help us do that," said Ben Zura, VRSim's EMS consultant.

VRNA EMS' key features and benefits include:

·       Realistic EMS Scenarios: Learning content uses a library of scenarios based on real-life situations ranging from trauma incidents to medical emergencies.

·       Immersive Training: Trainees use physical actions to treat virtual patients, use equipment, and interact with environments as they practice.

·       Performance Feedback: In-depth performance metrics help trainers assess and improve trainee proficiency.

·       Cost Efficient: VRNA is a cost-effective way for more students to access hands-on learning experiences at a lower cost than traditional mannequins and materials.

·       Accessibility: VRNA supplements lab and field training with easy-to-use, hands-on skills experiences that can be used in class, home, or practical lab settings.

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"We are proud to introduce VRNA EMS, which has the potential to revolutionize the way emergency medical professionals and first responders receive training," said Matthew Wallace, CEO and President of VRSim. "All of our products underscore our commitment to creating career pathways and enhancing safety and preparedness in these critical jobs."

About VRSim

VRSim is a leading provider of virtual reality (VR) training solutions for the skilled trades and allied health. Headquartered in East Hartford, CT, VRSim works to reimagine skills education through innovative training systems for welding, industrial coatings, construction, manufacturing, and allied health career fields. VRSim technology is used worldwide in high schools, vocational training institutions, and workforce development initiatives.

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November 16, 2023

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