Theranica Envisions a World of Non-Pharmacological Medical Therapy Wearables

Theranica is an Israeli biomedical technology company that develops wearable devices to reduce pain.

Image: Theranica

Theranica is an Israeli bio-medical technology company that develops wearable devices to reduce pain. This Netanya based company envisions a future where pain can be managed or eased using a combination of digital technologies and devices, greatly reducing the risks brought about by conventional painkillers.

Recently, WT | Wearable Technologies reported on Theranica’s smartphone-controlled wearable device Nerivio Migra, which received FDA De Novo request. The device uses Remote Electrical Neuromodulation for acute migraine treatment.

The company is gearing up to launch the product in the USA – including putting together the distribution channels, hiring a sales and marketing team in the USA, building initial inventory, etc., reports MobiHealthNews.

Theranica’s wearables are affordable, easy-to-use, non-invasive, safe, non-chemical, free of side effects. Some of them include proprietary monitoring and reporting attributes, providing key parameters & indicators to the treatment’s efficiency level.

Nerivio Migra is a breakthrough electronic device for acute treatment of migraines. Attached to the patient’s arm (below the shoulder), it is a clinically-tested wearable suited to be worn everywhere and at any time. Nerivio Migra, as well as other types of wearables the company is planning, are controlled by intuitive smartphone applications to easily adapt therapy treatments to today’s modern lifestyle.

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According to Alon Ironi, CEO & Co-Founder of Theranica, it all started with a pilot study in Israel. In the study, they tried to find the most effective and tolerable neuromodulation waveform, and to solidifying the basic therapeutic hypothesis. They recruited 71 patients with migraine. For over more than six months, the participants received four different neuromodulation waveforms, plus a sham (placebo) waveform. “At the end of the study, when we analyzed the results, it was clear that we were onto something,” says Ironi.

About long-term goal and vision for Theranica, Ironi told MobiHealthNews:

“Our vision is to provide a whole line of drug-free digital devices that will become the global first-line of treatment for several diseases and syndromes associated with pain. It’s time to have effective, safe alternatives to pain killers! And migraine is only the beginning…”

Sam Draper
July 22, 2019

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