Walk Faster With These Robotic Shoes

World's first robotic shoes that enable you to walk at the speed of a run.

Image credits: Shift Robotics

Moonwalkers are the world's first robotic shoes that enable you to walk at the speed of a run. Equipped with an adaptive AI powertrain, they allow you to walk to more places with more fun. Designed with an adaptive A.I. drivetrain, the Moonwalkers help you walk further and faster while you keep your feet on the ground.

Shift Robotics, the company behind these robotic shoes began as a Carnegie Mellon spin-off.

Xunjie, the company’s founder and CEO, used to live about two miles from his office. At first, he drove or took public transit to work, but the traffic was always bad, and buses were unreliable, so he ended up commuting by scooter. One day a car came out of nowhere and almost hit him.

That's when he asked himself why he never walked to work–and it wasn't just him; a lot of people don't rely on walking. This is surprising, considering it's much safer, more convenient, and better for the environment. Plus, it requires no added skill like bikes or skateboards.

Nine polyurethane wheels are powered by a 300-W brushless motor located in each boot of the Moonwalkers' adaptive AI powertrain. So if you need a real world reference, the Moonwalkers have a clever 18-wheel-drive powertrain with a 600-watt capacity.

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The Moonwalkers are available in a single size that fits US women's sizes 9 to 13.5 and US men's sizes 7.5 to 13, so they go with practically any pair of shoes.

An ergonomic hinge system allows your foot to naturally bend at your toes, preserving all of your mobility and balance.

Moonwalkers do not freewheel with our electronic multi-layer brake protection. Our two modes, Lock and Shift, move only when you do. This means you can go up and down stairs, step into mass transit, and confidently wait at the crosswalk.

The user can stop in less than 1 meter from top speed, and we automatically regulate your speed downhill.

At the heart of Moonwalkers, a state-of-the-art brushless DC motor distributes its power across eight polyurethane wheels through a precision machined gearbox. The 8-wheel patented drivetrain consists of overlapping wheels to simulate much larger diameter wheels to climb over uneven terrain.

The motor is connected, verified as a healthy part before this stage, and we run through an integrated software procedure to verify system operation. These automated box-build software and hardware integration, bespoke to Moonwalkers, allow us to build each pair of shoes efficiently and pinpoint any defects effectively.

The entire electronics compartment is sealed to protect against water and debris ingress, which is entirely composed of aluminum, to ensure a crush-proof battery compartment and assist in thermal management.

The outer body is then secured to the chassis, featuring carefully considered industrial design where form follows function.

The Moonwalkers can be ordered via their website, and the price is US $1399.

Sam Draper
May 3, 2024

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