Following its US market launch in 2017, Tempdrop is now available in Europe!

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Following its US market launch in 2017, Tempdrop is now available in Europe! Revolutionizing how women around the globe manage their fertility health with an advanced monitor. Tempdrop is both FDA and CE registered as a medical proceptive device and has now initiated regulatory steps to become the first non-hormonal, wearable birth control device.

Tempdrop, a wearable sensor with a smart learning algorithm and fertility app, took on a mission to advance women’s reproductive health throughout every stage. In today’s uncertain times, we at Tempdrop believe every woman should be empowered and equipped with the knowledge to take control of their body. That’s where Tempdrop steps in to provide science-based technology to help you track your cycle and identify your fertile window.

For accurate results, other fertility apps require you to wake at the same hour daily to take your oral temperature. Tempdrop, as a wearable, is accurate and hassle-free. Simply wear the sensor on your upper arm during sleep and sync it with the app whenever it's convenient. Tempdrop is specially tailored to women looking to increase their chances of conceiving or practicing fertility awareness methods. It’s also very helpful for women who are interested in tracking their hormonal health.

Michael Vardi, a biomedical engineer, founded Tempdrop after he and his wife were struggling to conceive their second child. He was determined to find a better way to track the ovulation cycle and pinpoint the optimal time for conception.

Tempdrop has bootstrapped its way since 2017, selling direct-to-consumer, and growing organically by building its vibrant community of followers and promoters. Our motto is ‘know your body,' and with the help of AI & personalized data, we have provided tens of thousands of women across the globe with the tool to do just that.

User reviews:

“Love my Tempdrop! It’s giving me a window into my health and my body that I couldn’t have otherwise and is helping me to be the healthiest I can be. Your cycle is 100% a vital sign of health, don’t ignore it.”

“Huge weight off my mind. I purchased a Tempdrop to be able to better chart my cycles for PCOS and for hopefully conceiving a baby. It seemed to track my temperatures accurately despite multiple night waking, and I was able to use the data to fall pregnant! I'm so glad I found Tempdrop!”

Very very thankful to have Tempdrop in my life! Would highly recommend this to anyone interested in FAM”

Tempdrop will present at Medica in Dusseldorf this November, a world-leading trade fair for the medical technology industry. Please contact us to arrange a meeting on Zoom or in-person during the event. We’ll be in Hall 12 D33.

Jürgen Thalmayer
October 31, 2022

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