InteliCare Launches Remote Health Monitoring Through Wearables For The Elderly

InteliCare, a Perth, Australia-based at-home aged care tech company, has launched real-time...


InteliCare, a Perth, Australia-based at-home aged care tech company, has launched real-time reporting and insights of personal health metrics for elderly Australians.

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Wearable smart health devices can now be integrated with InteliCare’s app, InteliLiving, to provide personal biometrics in real-time.

Those living independently can now have their health data uploaded to a cloud-based dashboard that tracks the activity and wellbeing of residents through integration with wearable devices, such as FitBit. Information captured to the dashboard will include heart rate, weight and BMI, respiration, temperature, blood oxygenation, blood glucose, and activity (steps). Additional alerts can then be set if pre-set levels are exceeded or fall below a key threshold.

Using the company’s trademarked InteliLiving app, members of a care team can view and track multiple health metrics on daily, weekly, monthly, or longer time frames. The most recent information is displayed on a dedicated page on the InteliLiving app or via the InteliCare Pro Dashboard. Users can preconfigure thresholds to easily visualize when a metric is abnormal. For example, if the weight drops below a pre-set threshold, the health metrics dashboard indicator turns amber along with the weight graph on the health metrics details page. When paired with InteliLiving passive sensors, daily routine data, and proactive analytics, InteliLiving’s health metrics provide an additional dimension to detect emerging health and wellness issues, enabling the care team to take a proactive approach to improve health journey of the client.

InteliLiving smart home-enabled analytics product already provides the elderly or health compromised and their care teams with insights and alerts based on individuals’ daily activities and routines. The Health Metrics analytics now capture and record health data by both manual and automated methods via integrated smart health tracking devices like Fitbit.

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“InteliLivin health metrics is meeting an immediate customer need with a free offering. It is a clear example of how we are able to leverage our open architecture IoT platform to build and incorporate new products to meet a rapidly evolving market and remain ahead of the market, said Jason Waller, CEO, and Managing Director InteliCare. “It is the first step in a much deeper strategy to exploit our competitive advantage and gain deeper insights from AI to drive more efficient, better care.”

Sam Draper
April 21, 2021

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