Taiwanese Startup Cloudmed to Launch New IoT Healthcare Device at CES 2021

Since its establishment in 2018, Taiwanese startup Cloudmed has rapidly expanded sales beyond...

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Since its establishment in 2018, Taiwanese startup Cloudmed has rapidly expanded sales beyond Taiwan into the US, Japan, China, Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia. Cloudmed provides turnkey solutions for mobile wellness, fitness, and lifestyle-related health management. Their health management services include infant, cardiovascular, and weight control.

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Cloudmed's iconic product "iCARE 8-in-1 Measurement Device" made impressive gains on the very first day of CES 2020 earlier this year, with deals struck with Saygus (US), Elotec (Norway), and IDCP (Netherlands). In the upcoming CES 2021, Cloudmed is expecting to earn another hit with an IoT healthcare device that fits exceptionally well with the healthcare priorities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The iCARE 8-in-1 Measurement Device is capable of measuring your body data in just 60 seconds. Readouts include heart rate, fatigue index, light volume pulse wave graph, pulse wave velocity, epidermal electrogram, body age, pressure index, and oxygen concentration. The results of iCARE are more accurate than Fitbit and Apple Watch, while Cloudmed implants red light detection instead of green light detection or electrocardiography (ECG), which only provides 34% accuracy and cannot measure peripheral oxygen saturation (SpO2), says a press release.

These body data are transferred via Bluetooth to your phone, which is tailored to meet current preventive healthcare trends. These personal data assist general practitioners (GPs) and family medicine (FM) doctors to facilitate comprehensive healthcare for people of all ages. In this world of the pandemic, more data means more-thorough protection for every family.

Moreover, iCARE also provides online consultations with doctors, pharmacists, and dietitians. This helps users develop their personal daily dietary and exercise routines with the help of a unique AI system. Furthermore, iCARE pushes personal reminders such as taking pills, real-time analysis, and even emergency calls.

According to Dr. Brian Lin, the Founder & CEO of Cloudmed, wearable devices like iCARE, is going to revolutionize the previous generations of daily home healthcare. As the customers are receiving a smoother and more effortless experience, it is more likely to improve the efficiency and accuracy of body data, meaning to let everyone have a better understanding of their own body while doctors are more likely to conduct better diagnoses.

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Since 2019, Cloudmed has collaborated with local nursing homes and hospitals. The data collected are gradually improving the AI of iCARE, and will provide better healthcare suggestions to users. As the Taiwanese government and the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) gradually loosen restrictions, we expect Cloudmed to incorporate more sophisticated and more specialized features into iCARE.

Sam Draper
January 13, 2021

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