SyncThink Secures CE Mark for Digital Health Platform

This affirms conformity to European Medical Device Regulation and opens new markets for the firm.

Image credit: SyncThink

SyncThink, a next-generation neurotechnology company, and makers of the award-winning EYE-SYNC technology, announces today that it has completed CE Mark certification, affirming conformity to European Medical Device Regulation (MDR), also known as ISO13485. EYE-SYNC will be registered as a Class I medical device.

“The CE Mark authorization for EYE-SYNC is a tremendous advancement in our commitment to bringing objective, reliable measures of neurological function to healthcare providers in Europe,” said SyncThink Chairman and CEO Gary Gregory. “We are excited to expand our commercial opportunities and strengthen our position in the market while making our product more accessible to patients everywhere.”

The new certification allows for the commercialization of EYE-SYNC in the European Union (EU) and the United Kingdom (UK), expanding opportunities for new business development and distribution in applicable nations. Providers in these areas will be able to purchase and implement the EYE-SYNC system beginning this month, utilizing the most recent version of EYE-SYNC that comes equipped with PicoXR’s Neo 3 Pro Eye, the company said in a press release.

The CE Mark is the latest advancement among a series of growth announcements for the company. In addition to the PicoXR partnership, SyncThink recently announced the expansion of its clinical advisory board, shortly after receiving its second FDA clearance for EYE-SYNC as an Aid to Concussion Diagnosis or mild Traumatic Brain injury (mTBI). Earlier this year, SyncThink was selected by Augmented Reality (AR) leader Magic Leap as a partner in their efforts to expand into healthcare worldwide.

The EYE-SYNC technology combines proprietary software and data analytics with high-performance eye-tracking sensors to measure and quantify eye movement biomarkers reflective of neurological impairment or disease. It is currently used by healthcare providers in hospitals and rehabilitation centers, sports, the military, and in CNS drug development around the world.

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The Conformitè Europëenne (CE) Mark. confirms the manufacturer’s goods conform with European health, safety, and environmental protection standards. It is defined as the European Union’s (EU) mandatory conformity marking for regulating the goods sold within the European Economic Area (EEA) since 1985. The CE marking represents a manufacturer’s declaration that products comply with the EU’s New Approach Directives. These directives not only apply to products within the EU but also to products that are manufactured in or designed to be sold in the EEA. This makes the CE marking recognizable worldwide even to those unfamiliar with the EEA.

About SyncThink

SyncThink is on a mission to provide objective neurological measurements that assist medical professionals in assessing brain health, delivering therapies, and optimizing performance. SyncThink develops revolutionary eye-tracking software and analytic technologies, delivered in a rapid, accurate, and easy-to-use XR platform. With more than 30 published peer-reviewed papers and 15 granted patents, the SyncThink platform uses a series of 60-second assessments to objectively measure eye movements to identify impairments and offers multiple modalities to improve dynamic vision. FDA-cleared for detecting eye-tracking impairments and as an aid to concussion diagnosis, EYE-SYNC is used by leading medical centers such as Stanford and Massachusetts General, the U.S. military, and more than 20 top universities, SyncThink is transforming neurological assessment, recovery, and performance for health and sport.

Jürgen Thalmayer
September 12, 2022

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