Leading Connected Healthcare Firm Withings Launches B2B Solutions for Healthcare Professionals

French healthcare company known for developing elegantly designed, medical-grade...

Image: Withings

French healthcare company known for developing elegantly designed, medical-grade health devices, launched two platforms for healthcare professionals. The two platforms – Withings MED PRO DATA and Withings MED PRO CARE – are designed to meet the needs of medical professionals, institutions, payers, disease management programs, coaching platforms and researchers, allowing Withings devices and data analytics to be brought into third-party ecosystems.

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Withings’ devices capture 20 vital health parameters such as blood pressure, ECG, weight, heart rate, activity levels and sleep patterns.

Withings Med Pro Data is a customizable solution that allows third-party companies such as behavior change programs, and researchers to use Withings products to collect, analyze and display data for their users within their own software and app environments. This platform is tailored to fit the needs of partners ranging from disease/wellness coaching programs, clinical and academic researchers, pharmaceutical companies, corporate wellness programs and medical institutions.

Image: Withings

Withings Med Pro Care is a remote patient monitoring platform that allows health professionals, medical institutions and private organizations to easily access and manage physiological data of multiple patients. As well as saving time and money through reduced clinical visits, Withings Med Pro Care improves the efficiency of care teams while also streamlining communications with participating patients. Within tailored, partner-specific interactive dashboards, physicians are able to visualize aggregated and individual patient data in real-time and in one place. They are able to customize the health data parameters they wish to track as well as how and when they receive information and alerts. Health Mate, patients can receive direct messages from their caregivers, including reminders to take and share measurements, all within a secure, HIPAA compliant platform.

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“Data is the key to improving nearly every aspect of our healthcare system, from better patient outcomes to improved efficiencies and reduced costs,” said Eric Carreel, founder of Withings. “With our decade of experience and work to create connected health devices that people can easily use daily to monitor and improve their health levels, we are in a unique position to be able to help the medical and health community better serve and understand their patients and customers. Withings MED PRO allows us to serve these individuals and organizations in a saleable, flexible way to bring the benefits of the health tech revolution to a broader spectrum of patients.”

Sam Draper
October 31, 2019

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